US District Court
District of South Carolina

 United States of America,       ) 
Plaintiff                       )     	No. 8:05cv2734-hmh 
Vs.                             ) 
Robert Clarkson,                )  	Second Request for                 
And The Patriot Network         )  	Production Of Documents
Defendant                       )

Requester, pursuant to Rule 34 FRCivP, requests that you allow the inspection and copying of the following documents and other items at your office at 10:00 A.M. on the thirtieth (30th) day after service of this upon you:
Part I. –Documents seized in FBI raid

  1. All documents and records seized by the FBI search warrant at Clarkson’s home on May 3, 2007, more especially including:
    1. All copies of Clarkson’s password sheets both electronically and hardcopy.
    2. Clarkson’s computer hard drive and the in-house backup disc.
    3. All seized pleadings in this case, the discovery material and the exhibits, including Ronald Reagan’s video “The Great Tax Revolt” and books and material with his quotations and speeches.
    4. Business records and receipts of the Patriot Network.
    5. Documents on Trusts and Independent Contractors.
    6. Flyers and promotions from law firms, trust companies and banks promoting classes and seminars on ‘Elder Law”.
    7. Articles about David Walker’s Fiscal Wake-Up Tour whereby our Controller General, chief federal auditor and Director of the GAO (now the Government Accountability Office) predicts the implosion of all federal pension plans.

Part II – Dismantling of political clubs

  1. All documents, books, policy statements, electronic devices, and materials pertaining to the new FBI COINTELPRO program called “DISRUPTION OR DISMANTLING OF AN ORGANIZATION” as explained on FBI Form FD-515. This FBI political operation  includes “ The FXC-515 is an ‘Accomplishment Report’ listing investigative techniques such as Financial Analysis, Aircraft Surveillance Assistance, Computer related investigations, Consensual monitoring (electronic surveillance), purchasing evidence, forensic laboratory analysis, pen registers on phones, search warrants, 'show money', SWAT teams, phone toll records, and many others.”
  2. All records and materials pertaining to the FBI dismantling operation against Clarkson and the Patriot Network. All documents and records showing that the FBI dismantling program is a lawfully, legal criminal investigation, especially as to Robert Clarkson and the Patriot Network.

Part III –Generic POD Request

  1. Each and every document, record and material that you have or can obtain about requester and his party.
  2. Each and every document, record and material that you have or can obtain about this action or pertaining to it.
  3. Each and every document, record and material about or pertaining to this requester and this action held or obtainable by your attorney and agency for which he works.
  4. The documents of yours and your attorney pertaining to the witnesses in this case or potential witnesses.

This request is continuing in nature and applies to documents as described above that hereafter are obtained by you.
Certificate of Service: I hereby certify that on or about this date, I mailed properly a copy of this pleading to all parties at their proper addresses (es), postage pre-paid.

    _______________________________                                May 26, 2007
    Requester, Robert B. Clarkson, Pro Se 
    515 Concord Ave
    Anderson, SC 29621  
        (864) 225-3061