SC Administrative Law Court

John Patriot                                )   Docket No. 07-ALJ-00
Petitioner                                  )
vs.                                         )   MOTION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME
SCDOR,                                      )  
Respondent                                  )	

Motion for Extension of Time

Pursuant to Admin Law Court Rule Petitioner above hereby moves this court for an extension of time based upon the following grounds:

  1. The SCDOR can easily meet deadlines like this because this is all they do. They have departments full of full-time personnel with no other function. I have to work for a living so responding to something of this nature, especially since I'm not an attorney, is daunting and time-consuming and, therefore, difficult for me.
  2. This case is ready for settlement. District Counsel has not bothered to respond to my frequent requests for an out of court settlement.
  3. Petitioner needs more time to review the response filed by the SCDOR.
  4. Petitioner is a pro se litigant, unschooled in law and unfamiliar with procedures and needs more time to prepare for trial. The Supreme Court has ruled that pro se litigants are not held to the same procedural standards as highly trained attorneys.


I do hereby certify that on this date, I sent properly a copy of this pleading to opposing counsel.


John Patriot
January 12, 2005