Date: January 29, 2009

IRS, Attn: Veronica Smith
Appeals Office Stop 86

PO Box 622 Memphis, TN 38101-0622


Dear Madam,

You sent me your letter dated January 12, 2009 (attached).

It is and has always been my intention to cooperate with the Internal Revenue Service to the full extent that I am required to by the law. It would certainly be my pleasure to meet with you personally (or one of your associates) to discuss this matter and reach an out of court settlement. This would save your agency, the taxpayers of America and me both time and money.

I continue to strongly disagree with the assessments made by your associates at the IRS against me for the years 2001, 2002 and 2003. I dispute your computations. I disagree with the content of your letter and deny any tax liability.
Please schedule a day for me so I might show you my books and records for the year in question. I had un-reimbursed business expenses and deductions including charitable donations, medical expenses, exemptions, allowances and local taxes, etc….
My first availability would be Friday, March 20, 2009. Please schedule the meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. Please notify me of a time and place.
Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, I would never consider discussing this matter over the telephone, particularly with someone whom I do not know. I am sure you understand why any Citizen of the United States of America would feel this way, and I appreciate your understanding and concern for my privacy and my rights.

I do not wish to have a telephone conference nor do I wish to discuss this matter via correspondence.

I am not waiving any of my due process rights with this letter. If there is a technical breech regarding this request, please notify me or refer me to the next proper authority that can grant my request. Thank you.


John Patriot