Summons and Complaint
MEMORIAL HEALTH CENTER INC             	)       Small Claims
135 S GIBSON ST				)

MEDFORD, WI 54451 ) Claim Under Dollar Limit 31001 -vs- ) ORLEANORLEAN PATRIOT ) ANSWER  
CURTISS, WI ) ________________________________________________________________________________________

Defendant, Orlean Patriot, hereby files her answer denying the allegations of the complaint and demands strict proof thereof.

  1. On May 23, 2007 Memorial Health Center Inc filed a debt suit upon me alleging I owe $1,205.97.
  2. This figure is not correct. Defendant does not owe this money; therefore, the complaint should be dismissed.
  3. The Hospital Bill was pleaded and replete with medical and procedures not furnished.
  4. The amount is contested because:
    1. I was denied access to walk-in which would have resulted in a lesser fee.
    2. The amount and potency of the drugs were unnecessary
    3. I received several and longer lasting injury due to the drugs given
    4. The drugs administered are not usual for my condition
    5. I notified the plaintiff of my inability to pay a large amount when I arrived and several times later.
    6. I was not told the treatment I was to receive prior to receiving it nor was I told of the side effects and what they were used for. (pain, antibiotic, nausea etc.)
    7. This constitutes malpractice.
  5. The hospital seriously discriminated against the defendant because they charge a much lesser price to Insurance Companies, HMO’s, government agencies and Indigents.
  6. Defendant qualifies for hospital indigent care pay but discriminated against it.
  7. Defendant is entitled to a jury trial and hereby requests a jury trial.
  8. Defendant requests a substitute judge.


Certificate of Service: I hereby certify that on this date June 19, 2007 I sent to opposing council a copy of this pleading, postpaid and properly addressed.

Orlean Patriot, Petitioner Pro Se