State of South Carolina
County of Anderson

____________________            )
Seller                          )    Bill of Sale
                                )    of Motor Vehicle          
____________________            )    Purchaser    
Purchaser                       )

For and in consideration of the sum of $________.___, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the Seller above-named does hereby sell, transfer, assign, release and deliver unto the Purchaser above-named the following motor vehicle:______________ Vehicle Make_______________Year _______ Model______________ Body_____________
Registration No._________________ Identification No.________________________

The The Seller warrants that this motor vehicle hereby sold is in his possession, legally owned by Seller, entirely unencumbered, except as stated in writing hereupon. The Seller delivers on this date good and marketable Title and agrees to sign any and all necessary instruments of title. Seller makes no warranties and hereby informs Purchaser that this is a used vehicle with defects. Purchaser warrants that he will immediately register this sale and this title with the appropriate state agency and will purchase the insurance required by law.
Dated this___ day of ________________________.

_______________________             _____________________
Witness                                               Seller
_______________________             _____________________
Witness                                               Purchaser