Bill Patriot
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

September 8, 2008

Virginia Dept of Taxation
Ms. Mary Peterson
Senior Tax Examiner
Compliance Section, RAP Unit
Richmond, VA 23220-0610

Ms. Peterson,

I am in receipt of your September 4,2008 letter wherein you cite several specific sections of the Virginia Code, and thereafter notify me that you “will not respond to any future correspondence that does not specifically address issues pertaining directly to [my] bill.”

Thank you for providing those code sections. I will endeavor to read them, and also their underlying statues.

In the mean time, I want to obey the law and do what is right. I want to cooperate with the Department of Taxation. I withdraw any political, religious, of Constitutional objections you may perceive that I have made. I am certain I do not owe any taxes and your figures are incorrect, even to the point of totally omitting the $3598 withheld from me in 2004.

I want to meet with you, cooperate, substantiate my income and get into compliance. Please schedule a meeting for me and send me the time, date and place. Due to personal, family problems, I request you give me at least 30 days to prepare.

I further request that you clearly explain to me what you need me to do, and explain clearly the dispute. I am not a lawyer and do not understand your objections.

Send me all the forms you want me to fill out with the instructions so I can do it correctly.



Bill Patriot