US District Court 
District of South Carolina 0
United States of America,        )                      
Plaintiff                        )     No. 8:05cv2734-hmh                                   
Vs.                              )
                                 ) Certificate of Compliance 
Robert Clarkson,                 )                           
And The Patriot Network,         )                           

Defendant Robert Clarkson hereby files his Certificate of Compliance.

  1. The Honorable Henry M. Herlong, Jr., USDJ-DSC (hereafter the Judge) signed an Injunction on July 3, 2007 against Robert Clarkson. Said injunction enjoined him in many ways, intre allia ordering him to “contact by mail all persons who have bought from him or The Patriot Network any materials concerning federal taxes, send them a copy of this Order and certify to the Court within twenty days of the entry of this Order that he has complied with this provision.”
  2. The FBI in Asheville on May 3, 2007seized Clarkson’s records and addresses. Clarkson requests that this Court order the FBI to return to him all of materials including his records and addresses so that he can comply with this provision of the Court Order.
  3. Under the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI has released information about their Dismantlement program. Under the rules for this program, the FBI can only disrupt and harass certain types of criminal organizations such as organized crime and urban youth gangs.

    The FBI has no authority to dismantle political organizations as the Patriot Network. They had no legal power to seize the Patriot Network records or addresses and therefore should be ordered to return the addresses to the owner.

  4. Incidentally, this Court has the power to order the FBI to make a full disclosure of its political operations against a tax reform group. If this court has found no reason to close down the Patriot Network political operations, how could administrative agency have more power?
  5. Ordinarily, Patriot Network/Patriot Bookstore does not maintain names and addresses of customers or persons who ordered any material concerning federal taxes. Dr. Clarkson has sent by mail to all the names and addresses in his possession of persons who bought from him materials concerning federal taxes, a copy of this order. He does hereby so certify. Unfortunately this is a very small group and does not accomplish the clear intent of the Court order.
  6. However, to affect the Court’s order in good faith, Clarkson sent to his e-mail address list plus the e-list of other groups, a copy of this Court Order. These lists are huge and Clarkson sincerely believes that almost all of the people who purchased federal tax material from him would be on this list.
  7. Further Clarkson immediately had the injunction placed on his website upon notification. Notice of the injunction and its first page are now posted on the home page of the website. This is a very effective method to notify purchasers of federal tax material.

    After a month or so, the display will be altered slightly, but will remain on the home page for at least one year as ordered. Clarkson has no plans to remove from his website the injunction and all the pleadings in this case. These are now listed on said website under “Clarkson whips DOJ 2005”. Incidentally the Patriot Network is a political organization and uses political terminology for its purposes and functions.

  8. Clarkson’s operation to say the least is not the neatest or best organized office and possibly he may later discover other names and addresses. If so he will send out the order and notify the monitors.
  9. Certificate: I do hereby that on or before this date I have complied with the above mentioned provision of said injunction.

Certificate of Service: I hereby certify that I sent properly a copy of this pleading to opposing council.

_________________                  Date:  June 14, 2007  
Robert Clarkson, Pro Se                                                                                                                                     
515 Concord Ave 
Anderson SC 29621