Chris Patriot
Greer, SC 29650
November 11, 2008
Clerk of Court
SC Court of Appeals
PO Box 11629
Columbia SC 29650

RE: SCDOR v. Patriot, Christopher L.

I apologize for the absence of mind that I forgot to include a copy of the following orders:  the Final Order and Decision of the 
Honorable John D. McLeod dated, September 5, 2008, and Denial of Motion for Rehearing dated September 23, 2008 along with a
revised Notice of Appeal. Also enclosed is the required $100 filing fee. I have also taken notice of Mr. Urban observation of the caption of the case and reversed its order. I took the example of the caption
for this case from the example posted on the website of the SC Supreme Court under Rule 238 Form of Papers. I thank Mr. Urban for
pointing this out so that things will be less confusing. Sincerely, ___________________ Christopher L. Patriot