May 24, 2007

Taxpayer Advocate
600 17th Street
Denver, CO. 80202-2490

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter is a complaint and appeal letter that I am sending to all state representatives and the Taxpayer advocate. I have received a very alarming and deceitful letter from the Colorado Department of Revenue. They have been accusing me of owing money on taxes.

I have respectfully been answering all letters and asked for a meeting with them, and have denied all alleged money owed. In May of 2006 the stole 1700.00 plus dollars from my bank account without any judgment of hearing of any kind. I continued to communicate and asked for some questions to be answered with a open invitation to meet with them, but not much response from them again I denied any money owing. I continued to get more letters and again I answered, and still no response from Colorado Department of Revenue until Feb. 5, 2007 when out of know where I am guilty and a judgment is set forth on me.

I believed that I was innocent until proven guilty and I believe the burden of proof has not been met. I did not have my day in court nor was I given the opportunity to even have a day in court. I am very angry not only at this, but the careless and reckless behavior spawned a very new concerning problem. I received this bogus strong arm letter from Mesa County Courts that has a judgment letter and a Warrant of Distraint, and the Warrant for Distraint is not even for me but for some Daniel gentlemen with his full name address and social security number. I am sure he will be happy to know that they have given his identity out and I would really appreciate my information to be only handed out to me and only me.

I am sure you can see how this all looks to the State of Colorado and to who live here. I donít know who will read this or it will end up in the trash, but I feel as a US Citizen I need to respond to this kind of renegade style of collection, and I believe in the US and I will stand up against in terrorist act whether Foreign or Domestic and that you would get involved to see that know other Citizen will have to be treated in this fashion from our own public servants.

I want to close by saying that I am a believer in God and what Jesus Christ did for me I believe in the Constitution and how our For Fathers set this country up and I would like to believe in the Justice System that was put in place and that Know One Is Above The Law and that our Government Officials are still here to Stand Up For the People. Attached to this letter is a copy of all who will see this letter.

Thank You,

Timothy Patriot
Grand Junction, USA