Tony Patriot  
5749 Patriot Way
Patriotsville, OH  12345

To the Honorable Patrick Tiberi
3000 Corporate Exchange Dr
Suite 310
Columbus, Ohio 43231  


  February 10, 2007

RE: Tax year 2001
Tony R Patriot
SSN: 123-45-6789

Dear Congressman Tiberi,

The IRS is brutalizing me. They are taking advantage of a common man who does not have the resources to hire expensive professionals. The rich people can pay the experts who would force the IRS to obey the law. I need your help.

I submitted an Offer In Compromise (OIC) to the IRS on August 22, 2006. This was a very reasonable offer to settle a tax debt, which I could not pay. However, the IRS refused my offer on October 25, 2006, even though I met all of the requirements.

At great expense and effort I complied with everything the IRS required me to do. I filed back tax returns, furnished a financial statement and filled out the long, complicated OIC form. However, they ignored my efforts to comply with their laws and procedures.

The IRS has grievously mistreated me. Please contact them on my behalf and ask them to explain why they denied my fair and just IRC.

I am a working man with few resources and no assets. The IRS claims I owe a fortune. Their figures are disputable.  I am unable to pay the total that includes interest and outrageous penalties that total more than I would make in a lifetime.

I do not owe the money that they claim against me. With malice and viciousness they filed substitute return (SFR) for me with imaginary and made up figures. They did not allow any of my deductions, dependents, expenses etc. I can pay the taxes that I really owe, but no way exists for me to pay taxes and staggering penalties that I do not owe.

The OIC is a good deal for the IRS because I would pay something instead of filing bankruptcy and paying nothing. Please do not let them force me into bankruptcy. I want to pay the taxes that I owe.

The tax agency is strictly interested in harassing me. I need your help. Would you please contact the IRS on my behalf? Ask them to figure my taxes correctly, accept the OIC and then leave me alone.


Tony R. Patriot