United States District Court

District of South Carolina 

Coy Patriot                             }           C/A No: 8:06-cv
 Petitioner                             }  
vs.                                     } Affidavit of Robert Clarkson to Support 
                                        }                  MOTION TO RECUSE
United States of America et al.         }
 Respondent                             }                                               
     Robert Clarkson hereby files his Affidavit in Support of the Motion to Recuse of Coy Patriot, deposes and states under oath:

1. Clarkson believes that Ross Anderson is personally prejudice against him.

2. Judge Anderson is known to be hostile to those persons classified as tax protestors.

3. Everybody knows that Robert Clarkson is assisting Pless in this tax case. Judge Anderson will hold this connection against Pless.

4. Years ago I had a radio show on WRIX Talk Radio where I expressed my opinions on the income tax system. Judge Anderson made a phone call to the radio station and followed it with a fax whereby he gave management reasons to remove me from the air. I later sent this fax and a complaint to the Judicially Standards Commission of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Without any formal decision, Judge Anderson was removed from all my cases. I had many cases before him and I presume his removal was under the direction of the Fourth Circuit. Therefore I did not do a civil lawsuit against him, which I had a right to do for his extra-judicial conduct.

5. Without any notice or hearing to me, Judge Anderson ordered that I was not allowed to file any pleadings in the District Court of South Carolina as any other citizens of this great country. I never received a copy of this order, but I believe it was in the criminal case of David E. Cummings about two years ago.

6. In the case of Benny Gibbs, while I quietly sat in the audience, Judge Anderson called me up and later threatened me for filing a complaint against him with the Judicial Standards Commission.

7. Many other prejudicial statements and actions exist, but I will not list them because unfortunately I respect his judicial style.

___________________________                              Date: November ____2006
        Robert Clarkson

Sworn to before me this ______day of November 2006.

Notary Republic for SC

My commission expires: ____________