Ed Patriot				          August 20, 2007
Easely, SC 
Ronald Urban
Chief Counsel for Litigation
301 Gervais Street
PO Box 12265
Columbia, SC 29211
(803) 898-5130

Re: Ed v. SC DOR, Docket # 07-ALJ-17-XXXX-XX

Dear Mr. Urban:

You sent me your letter dated August 2, with a copy of the purposed order in this case.

The purposed order has numerous errors, many misstatements and distorted facts. I object to your facts and the tone of your purposed order which seems like a polemic against me. Your characterization on my position is totally and incompletely incorrect.

I request that you withdraw the proposed order and submit a new order which is based on the facts on this case. As you well know, I exercised my Constitutional right to object to self-incrimination.

Due to a tax prosecution in federal court over these same figures, I had a genuine fear of self-incrimination and I properly exercise my rights under the Fifth Amendment. I can not be compelled to present information that might be used against me in a criminal case.

If I have time to submit my purposed order, please let me know so I can submit one.


Ed Patriot
CC: Ralph King Anderson, III, Administrative Law Judge