Robert B. Clarkson
515 Concord Avenue
Anderson, SC 29621

June 2, 2008

Andrew R. Romagnuola, Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
151 Patton Avenue, Suite 211
Asheville, NC 28801

Re: Domestic Terrorism accusation  

Dear Agent Andy:

I have been receiving scanty information for sometime that you have classified me and my political association the Patriot Network as a terrorist or domestic terrorist or domestic terrorist organization . The Patriot Network is a political group that advocates tax reform and strict adherence to the Constitution. This political action group was formed by me and totally controlled by me. Legally speaking this political association is me.

You know very well that I am not involved with any terrorism domestic, violence or any thing like that. You have no evidence whatsoever that I advocate use of firearms, violence or involved with such activities. The Patriot Network advocates reform by the legal political process and court action.

You have more information about me than anybody else in the world. You have complete access to my website which explains everything I do. You had three undercover agents attend my meetings of the Asheville Patriots for three years and surveill me. You went though my house/office thoroughly and you also had access of my papers for months. Nowhere at anytime had you found anything connecting me to violence.

You know very well that I have no involvement with the third Patriot group in Asheville and did not know what they were doing. Yet you lumped me with them and their activities.

Your boss Mr. James D. Russell has a business card listing him as a supervisory special agent in the counterterrorism division. Yet, he is working on my case which gives a false impression to civilians.

Since your information in this area is completely and totally false, I request:

  1. Send me all copies of all documents pertaining to domestic terrorism, your domestic terrorism investigation, especially as it applies to me and the Patriot Network. Also, see the FOIA request for documents attached or sent separately.
  2. Please send me copies of all documents pertaining to me and domestic terrorism and your domestic terrorism investigation. Please send me copies of all documents that have my name, the Patriot Network, or Asheville Patriots listed on there or referred to. See the Privacy Act request for documents attachment or sent separately.
  3. Please correct and expunge any document held by the FBI or Department of Homeland Security that list or refers to me or the Patriot Network or the Asheville Patriots as domestic terrorists or connected to domestic terrorists.

Your agency has done a great injustice to me. Connecting me to domestic terrorism is a very serious charge and in this case totally baseless. You do not even have unfounded suppositions to connect me with these terrible crimes.

I am a combat veteran of the Vietnam War. I suffered horribly for my country and am now permanently disabled. From combat I suffered a severe brain injury and a piece of shrapnel in my head. When I saw that my government had connected me to terrorism after all that I had gone though and suffering, I became very upset and had crying spells. I have had to seek medical treatment because of your accusations.

I have mentioned to you several times the Privacy Act 5 USC 552a which requires your agency to prove that every document that you have on me and the Patriot Network to be accurate, fair, complete, etc. If your agency can not prove that the documents of on me meet that standard, then you agency owes me minimum statutory damages of $1,000 per violation.

Further if your conduct is so far removed from you agency rules, your actions can be held ultra viras and I can sue you personally for damages. If you wish to come to some resolutions to some of the issues I have been raising, please have someone contact me.


Robert B. Clarkson

Cc: SA James Russell
AUSA Jill Rose