Mr. Gary Patriot
141 Becky Gibson Road
Greer, SC 2965

August 13, 2007

Ronald Urban SC DOR
Office of the General Counsel
301 Gervais St, PO Box 12265
Columbia, SC 29211

RE: Gary Patriot, Docket #07-ALJ-17-xxxx-CC

Dear Mr. Urban:

You sent me your letter dated July 24, 2007, in response to my request for POD. You did not furnish me the documents I requested. Please send them promptly.

You did not send me any W-2 forms as I requested. The 1099s are incorrect. Please send me correct wage statements so I can prepare my case.

When were the 1099 M Forms sent by Bob Jones University? Did you subpoena them? Why did BJU send that form?

Please send me the documentation requested in my motion for production or I will move the court to compel you to produce.


Gary Patriot