ADMINSTRATIVE LAW COURT
Anonymous Taxpayer                         )
     (Gary Patriot)                        )
                  Petitioner,              )       Docket No.07-ALxxx
    vs.                                    )       PETITIONER’S REQUEST for ADMISSION
South Carolina Department of Revenue       )
                  Respondent.              )

YOU ARE HEREBY served the following written requests for admissions to be answered separately and in writing within 30 days from the date of service hereof pursuant to and in accordance with Rule 21, Rules of Procedure for the Administrative Law Court, and Rule 36, SCRCP. Should you fail to respond within 30 days, the numbered items below will be deemed to be admitted. If you deny any or all of the numbered items below, you must stipulate in what respect and set forth in detail the reasons for your denial.

1. Admit or deny that the income figures against Taxpayer came from the IRS.

2. Admit or deny that you did not receive from the IRS a certificate or proof of the income amounts.

3. Admit or deny that you have no non-hearsay documentation against Taxpayer.

4. Admit or deny that SC DOR does not have W-2’s and 1099’s from employers.

5. Admit or deny that Taxpayer worked as a carpenter.

6. Admit or deny that Taxpayer had expenses for supplies, tools, depreciation, equipment, trucks, transportation, home office, casual labor, insurance, etc.

7. Admit or deny that Taxpayer’s un-reimbursed business expenses came to 80% of gross and his net was about 20%.

8. Admit or deny that Taxvictim had two dependant children for each tax year.

9. Admit or deny that Taxpayer incurred 80 % un-reimbursed business expenses for the years in question and he can reconstruct missing records.

10. Admit or deny that Bob Jones University did not pay Taxvictim any money.

CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE: I do hereby certify on this date that a copy this pleading was sent properly to opposing counsel.

Date: July 23, 2007

Gary Patriot
Greer, SC 29651