Gary Patriot
Greer, SC 29651

December 27, 2006

Ebony Carr
Filing Enforcement Unit-DOR
301 Gervais Street
PO Box 125
Columbia, SC 29214

Re: Tax Years: 2002- Taxpayer SSN:

Dear Ebony Carr:

You sent me your letter dated December 4, 2006. I have much additional information to furnish to you to determine my tax liability. I disagree and dispute the proposed assessment.

I want to reach an out of court settlement. For the year in question, I had one dependent wife, one dependent child, church donations, medical expenses, business expenses, etc. I also incurred expenses for tax advice.

I request a hearing, appeal and my day in court. Under the due process clause in our state constitution, I have a right to adjudication outside of your agency. Please explain to me your procedure for my access to a hearing.

Please schedule a conference for me at the DOR office.


Gary Patriot