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Andrew R. Romagnuola, Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
151 Patton Avenue, Suite 211
Asheville, NC 28801

Today’s date

Re: Liberty Dollar Certificate Holder Redemption Request

Dear Agent Andy:

I purchased some NORFED currency and your office confiscated the silver medallions that support my warehouse receipts. I wish to redeem my paper receipts for the silver medallions. Please send me the forms and instructions for me to present my certificates for redemption in silver. The number of warehouse certificates as listed below represents the amount of silver in ounces that I purchased.

The medallions that you seized from the vault at Sunshine Mint for NORFED are my property and belong to me. The private mint silver and gold medallions are actually owned by the certificate holders such as me. When you seized the silver, you seized the obligation to exchange the certificates for the precious metals they represent. Therefore I expect you to send me my silver medallions in an expeditious fashion.

This is my property, not the property of Liberty Dollar. These medallions are not illegal, contraband, or evidence of any crime. I have not been charged with any crime pertaining to these warehouse receipts or the silver that they represent. You must return my property to me upon request.

On November 14, 2007, you and your crew executed a search warrant at the NORFED office in Evansville, IN. You also raided the storage facility for the NORFED currency in Idaho and other locations. You seized a number of silver medallions that have no use to a criminal investigation. Since these will not be used as evidence in a criminal investigation, I request that you return my property to me.

You seized approximately three and a half million dollars ($3.500, 000) in silver and gold NORFED medallions at the Sunshine Mint storage facility in Idaho. Please release your hold on these items so the warehouse or somebody can return to me the ones that belong to me.

NORFED, the Nation Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Code, is a political action group organized for political purposes; it is non-profit business. NORFED has the political goals of abolishing the Federal Reserve System, the income tax and the IRS. To help me promote NORFED’s political purposes, NORFED provides medallions and paper certificates. I have a right under the Constitution to participate in political organizations and to promote my political ideals.

At the time your crew visited NORFED offices, they also removed a vast amount of political literature, flyers, booklets, memos, etc. I am a supporter of NORFED, and that political operation needs this political literature to promote our political beliefs. I am sure the FBI does not want to interfere with the free exercise of political speech in a free society.

Your agency confiscated the contents of the vault at Sunshine Mint held for NORFED, about three and a half million dollars ($3,500,000) in precious metals. This backs the paper currency and digital Liberty Dollars held by thousands of Americans. As a certificate holder, some of these medallions are my property because the precious metals at that location back the certificates. For each certificate, there is an equivalent amount of gold or silver held in the vault. The ownership of the silver and gold must be made available to the certificate holders.

I hope we can resolve this matter without litigation. We do not want to violate the concept of judicial economy or insult the fine judges in western North Carolina. In a similar case involving Robert Clarkson of Anderson SC, the magistrate judge in Greenville, SC, ordered the FBI to return most of the material subject to the search warrant. Judges in Asheville will take a similar stance. Therefore, we can avoid unnecessary court action if you return to us those items similar to those that you returned to Dr. Clarkson.

Also in the Clarkson case, the District Court in Asheville, NC, ordered your office to return to him to him all items that had no evidentiary value to your investigation. You can apply the same standard to the items that you took from me, and just return my NORFED issued property to me. This would save everybody a lot of time, resources and expense in a court case.

The Assistant US Attorney in Asheville agreed to return to Dr. Clarkson his coins, cash, checks and other material. Apparently she anticipated a court order and took the wise action of conceding where she could not win anyway. Your office returned to him his sliver coins from various private mints.

NORFED was incorporated in Nevada in September of 1998 as a non-profit educational association for a kindred political association. This political association has always been a political association. To further its political goals, this group has a number of programs, including Liberty Dollar in precious metals, certificates, and digital form. The practices of a political organization to promote its political beliefs are also protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

If you do not like the goals and practices of NORFED, you can contact your Congressman and request that the freedom of speech provisions of the Constitution be repealed. Until such time, I will expect you to respect my rights as an American Citizen to promote any ideas that I choose to promote, absent anything like violence, of course.

Your FBI agents seized the NORFED inventory of silver and gold medallions to harass and burden a political organization. This is part of your illegal Dismantlement program. Your agency wanted to destroy a political organization, which the FBI had determined was wrong. However, you have no authority under the law or regulations either to make such a determination or to attack political organizations. NORFED is protected by the First, Ninth and 10th Amendments of the US Constitution.

In conclusion, I expect you to obey the laws in this country and to not take or hold other people’s property. As a citizen, I can expect you to quickly return my property to me.



PS: I own number warehouse certificates representing number ounces of silver.