Henry Patriot sends this letter to all neo-con political organizations that are requesting money from him. Feel free to edit this letter for your own use and mail it back in the postage paid envelope they initially sent you for your donation

I am 92 years old, have researched and studied the writings of the Masonic English and Talmudic oppressions, depressions, wars, world wars, designed usurpations of our constitutional limited government that has resulted from their passing of the Federal Reserve Bank Act of 1913 by their American Associates. This corporate creation in 1912 empowered the Rothschild’s and their Talmudic Banking families. Associates worldwide via their corporate International Banksters of the city within the City of London to use this Federal Reserve Bank Corporation from 1915 on as their Number 1 pawn on their chess board of World Conquest of the Nations of this world, the usurpation of their Natural Resources, through bankruptcy and enslavement of the inhabitants through a debt moneyed system.

This banking Cabal of the Rothschild’s and their Talmudic Banking Family Associates have now arrived at the critical time of their ultimate goal of Talmudic Socialism defined as communism where the socialistic government is totally administered by Christ hating Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodias Revolutionaries that will outlaw the Kingdom of Christ Jesus and murder them by the millions as they have done in Russia and China.

I have said all previously to say this. Your ORGANIZATION, polarized in the political Republicrat and Demican party make believe opposition is a charade that will never turn anything around. The high echelons of both the Demican and the Republicrat political parties take their marching orders from the same international Christ hating; behind the scenes Banksters, headquartered in the city within the City of London, and of which the Federal Reserve Bank Corporation has been its number one pawn.

Their real goal of Total World Enslavement by a World Socialist System headed by Christ hating Talmudic and English Banking Bankster criminals specifically and correctly labeled Communist Socialist Capitalist Money Changers is not being exposed and opposed by Your ORGANIZATION. Until your ORGANIZATION joins in the WAR CRY of us Constitutional Republic Patriots to Audit the FED, I see my support money as a total waste toward the tax paying people of America regaining control of a limited Constitutional Republic form f government answerable to the people.

Today, Socialist government spending programs for wars and World Wars for the benefit of the Communist Capitalist Money Changer’s New World Order have bankrupted our government. The American government is no long OUR GOVERNMENT. The government is an AGENCY, yes AGENCY, for the Communist Money Changer Capitalists, the creditors to socialist government, their Agency is our bankruptcy.

Our only hope is to AUDIT the FED. AUDIT the FED continuously and continuously exposing the criminal Banking activities of the Federal Reserve Bank Corporation since 1913, until the American people are incited by the millions to loudly demand Congress rescind the Federal Reserve Bank Corporation Charter.

Until you join the WAR CRY, AUDIT the FED continuously to expose the Fed’s hidden criminal activity, I see all my support money as being poured into a bottomless rat hole that is useless in the recovery of our Constitutional Republic for of limited government answerable to the people.

Do you get it? No money. Remember the WAR CRY, “AUDIT THE FED”. Audit the Fed continuously if you want support money for your ORGANIZATION.


Henry Patriot

PS: Presidents: Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama all deserve to be tried for treason and found guilty, and punished for their treachery. Need I say more?