Instructions for Collection Appeals Request Form by RBC

This is a new IRS form which allows you to appeal from a collections decision made by his agent to his supervisor. We recommend that you fill this form out and send it to the agent.

BEWARE! This is not the CDPH request, which is a different form and does not take the place of the CDPH Request. You MUST file your CDPH Request form timely. The consequences of ignoring a CDPH are awful!

In this section you will find a link for the IRS Collection Appeals Request Form plus the IRS instructions. Read these instructions carefully and comply.


  1. To halt collection activity, you must first discuss your collection problem with the revenue officer in the collections dept who is assigned to your case.

  2. Then you object to the Revenue Officer’s adverse decision by having a conference with his supervisor, the Collection Manager.

  3. If not resolved, within 2 days you must appeal that decision to the Appeals division of the IRS. This is what you use this form for.