Hi Robert:

Many, many thanks for sharing this very touching and apropos message of thanksgiving. We all have many blessings for which we need to thank our Lord.

You have been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be!!!

I am thankful to you and all the true patriots in this country fighting for the cornerstones of our republic.

The recognition of you in Dr. Yate's message is wonderful!! You have proven to the ignorant masses (slowly becoming educated thanks to YOU and your efforts) and even more ignorant minions, that if you know how to play the game and know the rules, you can win!

You lead by example through your superior record of success against the "beast”!

I have shared your website with probably at least 100 people by now if not more. I encourage them to educate themselves and learn from you and all the info you have listed.

You are an incredible person, an inspiring patriot and one who values the essence of what made this country great.

You served / serve your country both in the military and now as an educated, wise professional.

I have been listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network and The Micro Effect which have programs on taxes etc.

I am going to listen to the archive of your presentation on the radio show from a few months ago.

I pray for you to maintain courage and strength and trust in the Lord.

May God bless you Robert!!!! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Death to the NWO!

Kathy from ME