L.T. Patriot
P.O. Box 1234
Greenville, SC  29606

May 5, 2007

Lynn M. Baker
Office of the General Counsel
301 Gervais St, PO Box 12265
Columbia, SC  29211

RE: L.T. Patriot

Docket #12-ALJ-34-5678-CC

Dear Ms. Baker,

You sent me on April 26, 2007 your Respondents Response to Petitioner’s Request for Admissions.  In response to question 4, you admitted that you did not have W-2 or 1099’s from my employers for that tax year. In response to question 2, the department admits it did not receive a proof of income amounts.

With these admissions, you admitted that DOR has no evidence against me and no case.

Let us settle this case. All I want is a waiver of penalties, credit for my unreimbursed business expenses and credit for my withholding.

I request that you move the court for a dismissal of your case and payment to me of $200 for my expenses. If not, I will move the court for Summary Judgment and ask for $2,000 for costs and expenses plus penalties.

In the case of Michael Huskey vs. DOR, docket no. 06-ALJ-17-0787-CC, ALJ Mcleod ruled that he was “troubled” by DOR’s failure to maintain records. If you like, I and other DOR victims can meet with you and your people and work out some type of settlement for all cases similar to mine. We of course, would have representative of choice at said meeting.

I remind you of my change of address as noted above. Use only this address.


L.T. Patriot