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Liberty Dollar Alert--December 5, 2007

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters,
Liberty Dollar Lives! Announcing the Arrest Dollar!

URGENT NOTICE: We are preparing to file the Class Action Lawsuit (CAL) to begin the process to get your
property back. PLEASE register for the CAL immediately at: PLUS, the digital Liberty Dollar (eLD) has been turned on!
Now you can check your balance, transfer eLD between accounts and get a digital Liberty Dollar emailed to
you so you can be a part of the Class Action Lawsuit. Right now there are over 2500 people on the CAL. We
would like to double that to 5,000 names. Please join today.

And in a tremendous show of support for the Class Action Lawsuit, $2000 in eLibertyDollars have been
donated towards the CAL. If you need an eLD to qualify for the CAL, just sign up and send in a donation and
we will credit an eLibertyDollar to your digital account. PLEASE SIGN UP TODAY… The CAL action is
pending. We`are moving aggressively to protect your property that backs up the paper and digital currency.

Now the BIG news. In defiance of the brutal raid that confiscated all of our metals, computers and almost
everything, except our free independent spirit… The Liberty Dollar has re-opened and lives with the new
"Arrest Dollar"! Thanks to the outpouring of support and the rock solid encouragement from the Regional
Currency Offices (RCO), I am proud to be a part of such a staunch organization that refuses to bow to this
senseless raid by the FBI and Secret Service that did everything possible to close the voice for Sound Money.
As Jason Hornberger, the President of commented: "If the government wishes to have a business
shut down, the law provides a remedy called an injunction, which is a formal order issued by a judge that requires a person or business to cease and desist from engaging in a certain operation."

We have not received any injunction. Nor a cease and desist order. We have not done anything wrong. We stand
on the principle that we are innocent until proven guilty. As free men and women we can do whatever we wish… so long as we do not violate the Law. With 33 years in this industry and no knowledge of any crime plus
the advise of legal counsel… I hereby announce the Liberty Dollar lives as "Liberty Dollar Numismatics".
Now, don't get me wrong. We have not dropped our goal of "returning America to value' by providing an
"inflation proof" currency. Nor have we become just a "collectable" business. We remain dedicated to our
original goals. It is just that we must make-do with what we have and what we can do.

The Liberty Dollar office is now re-opened! Sarah Bledsoe, the trusty manager who was at the Evansville
office when I arrived from Hawaii, will continue to man the office. Unfortunately, she will be alone, so if you
don't reach her, please leave a message.

Our number one mission is to get your property retuned to you ASAP. The single best action we can take is to
stay in business… answer the phone… bring comfort to our supporters… act as a call center for media and
donations to fight this obvious wrong… and work to cover our legal expenses.

Our current business model is to auction the donated Liberty Dollars on eBay… as we continue to fight for your
right to use gold and silver any way you chose and keep the ideals that the Liberty Dollar exemplifies alive.
Announcing the "Arrest Dollar" to help fund our legal defense. Check it out at The new "Arrest" Hallmark has just been created to
mark special items issued during these difficult and very limited times too. In all likelihood, the Arrest Dollar
will only be available between now and my arrest, as it seems unlikely that I will be doing any hallmarking after
I am arrested.

Appropriately, the Hallmark, features "Handcuffs", and will be stamped on special items or any Liberty Dollar
products you submit for Hallmarking. As a means to raise funds for our legal defense, the cost is $10 per
Hallmark. Currently, a few donated $20, $10, and $5 Silver Libertys have been Hallmarked and are available
for $30, $20, and $15 respectively plus $6 for handling and shipping… If you wish to beat eBay before these
are auctioned off… please send your order, payable in money orders or check made out to "Bernard", as we do
not have a company bank account.

PLEASE NOTE: We could be raided again! You could lose whatever you send to Liberty Numismatics … but
if you don't send anything… I regret that we will lose the Liberty Dollar and the ideals it represents. Please give
generously and submit whatever you wish to be Hallmarked. Just remember the mail and Hallmarking takes
time… plus it is Christmas… and like you, I will be with my family too.

Unfortunately, we do not have a company bank account in Evansville. A money order is the best way to send a
donation but checks made out the "Bernard" still work.

Got those dreaded, depreciating Non-Federal Non-Reserve IOU-Notes? Old Liberty Dollars in any form are
greatly appreciated too… we need material for eBay. Cash is OK too. All checks and money orders, MUST be
made out to "Bernard", as we have no company bank account. Please send everything to the old Liberty Dollar
address: 225 N. Stockwell Road. Evansville. IN. 47715.

So do you have a Liberty Dollar to spare for the cause? Certificates, while not suitable for Hallmarking, are
particularly sought after for our eBay auctions.

Who knows where we go from here? One of the best ideas I heard was for a Black Sabbath Liberty! As a heavy
metal rocker, I could certainly identify with that idea! Seriously, our country is going in debt at nearly $1
million US dollars a minute… over $1 billion a day! US National Debt will hit $10 Trillion in a year! This is a
very serious time for us and our money! You must take action. Either change your money or lose it.

As for me, I am innocent until proven guilty. I have an unalienable right of free speech. I refuse to go the
showers quietly. Now hear me: The government fiat money is not worth shit! You either change your money or
lose it. The longer you wait the more you lose. This country, the world, is headed towards a major monetary
crisis. Not since Rome fell has man faced such an immense event. This collapse will make the Great Depression
look like a cakewalk. We are headed towards a global hyperinflationary depression. Soon most people will be
millionaires in a soup line… if not in prison. Get out of the soup line! The sooner you change your money the
more you will make or at least preserve. For your own protection, please take action right now!!! Buy Silver
immediately. Support the Liberty Dollar model with a donation. We need a survivable monetary system. We
need your help. Please donate $10 or more!

When the Federal Reserve meets on December 11, they are expected to cut interest rates… and that means more
easy money… and another step towards a global hyperinflationary depression! These people are mad. This is
not going to be just a US problem… When Rome fell, it was the world, as they knew it… This experience
would have make Jimi Hendrix flinch! This is no purple haze hallucination. It is real and it will affect you.

On a positive note. I am pleased to receive all your support. Recently the legendary Robert Clarkson of the
Patriot Network has come to our aid. Interestingly, he too was raided by the same Agent Andy and had all his
seized material returned. Please visit his incredible site at And if you really want to
get an insight into the government's war against activists click on COINTELPRO in the left column and then
use code 4143 to access Part 3 and 4 and learn the truth about the government's "dismantlment" program against
organizations like the Liberty Dollar!

Plus we have received so many comments, we have started a "Comments" page at the top of the Raid Page.
Pl Please check out the latest Comment by G. Edward Griffin at

Please support the Liberty Dollar with a Hallmark and a donation. Sign up for the Class Action Lawsuit today! Please don't let the government steal your money and drive the Liberty Dollar out of business.

BIG thanks for all the donations we received!!! Every donation counts!
Bernard von NotHaus

Monetary Architect/Editor
PS: Time to revisit Bernard's Second Law of Money:
"Any government action that purports to prohibit an American citizen from using a piece of gold or silver (or,
for that matter, anything) in voluntary barter transactions between consulting adults is preposterous, antagonistic to a free market, and totally without legal merit.