Anonymous Taxpayer,        )          
(Mike Freeman)               )     Docket No. 06-ALJ-17-0000-xx
      Petitioner,            )
 Vs.                         )          PETITIONER'S RESPONSE TO 
                             )          PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS
South Carolina Department    )          OF SC DOR
Of Revenue                   )
Respondent.                  )

Petitioner herby files his Response to Respondent’s Request for Production of Documents dated November 3, 2006 as follows:

  1. Petitioner is unable to prove a negative. Petitioner has no records to prove these figures are correct.
  2. Same as #1, above.
  3. Same as #1, above.
  4. Petitioner has some W-2 forms from the companies. However Respondent has these also. Therefore, Petitioner objects to producing those records already in possession of DOR. As to other similar records not in possession of DOR, Petitioner does not know if he has any, but will search for them and mail them separately.
  5. Petitioner does not know of any other money’s received during that year or any income documents pertaining to that year. However, he will search thoroughly and in good faith for these records and send separately what he finds.
  6. Petitioner filed with DOR on ________ substitute W-2 (form 4852) and objects to sending DOR another copy.
  7. Petitioner may have these records and will mail them separately to Respondent when he is able. Petitioner needs a few extra weeks to locate, copy and mail these records.

CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE: I do hereby certify on this date that a copy this pleading was sent properly to opposing counsel.

___________________________________              Date: November 13, 2006

Mike Freeman 
1776 Patriot Way
Freetown, USA