Mike Freeman
1776 Freedom Way
Freetown, USA

March 18, 2007

Ronald Urban
Chief Counsel for Litigation
301 Gervais St, PO Box 12265
Columbia, SC 29211

RE: Michael Freeman Tax years 2000 and 2002

Mr. Urban,

Thank you for courteous letter dated March 7, 2007 pertaining to tax years 2000 and 2002. Apparently you can behave like a gentleman and write an inoffensive letter.

Your letter talked about a proposed assessment for these years issued in July 2006. I cannot find a copy of this in my files. Would you please send me a copy of this letter and proof that I received it. Your office did not send it and I did not receive it. Therefore please send it again.

Your office did send me an assessment form C-133 which I did appeal timely. This assessment is appealable to the administrative law courts. Therefore please send me the necessary forms and information.


Michael Freeman

CC: Ms. Melynda Ebersole
Ms. Susie Shytle