Marcus C.
1000 Freedom Way
Liberty, NC

October 4, 2006


Jan Sinclair - ASFR Operation Manager Internal Revenue Service
PO Box 9013
Holtsville, NY 11742-9013

Re: SSN 123-45-6789: Tax Year 2003:

Dear Tax Collector,

You sent me a thirty-day letter dated September 18, 2006, entitled PROPOSED INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX ASSESSMENT. I dispute the computations. I disagree with the content of the letter and deny any tax liability.

I would like to schedule a day for me so I might show you my books and records for the year in question. I know you folks at the IRS are the ones who nailed Al Capone, therefore I hardly expect a chance of winning this thing. So, I will need at least 60 days to prepare for our meeting.

I had for that tax year, unreimbursed business expenses, two dependant children, deductions including charitable donations, medical expenses, cost of tax advice, interest on my home, etc. I sincerely hope we can work this out.

Sincerely, Marcus C.