Marian Patriot

Wichita , KS 67211

August 1, 2008

Kansas Department of Revenue

Compliance Enforcement

Docking State Office Building

915 SW Harrison St

Topeka , KS 66625


RE: Case Number 010122 2029114 Tax Year 2002


Dear Ms Shively,


 This is in response to your letter dated July 07, 2008, copy attached.

I did not file a KS state tax return for the year in question because I did not make enough money to qualify to file a return.

I am retired and live on a fixed income of Social Security and a small pension. For the year in question I had deductions, credits, unreimbursed business expenses, medical expenses etc.

Please schedule a date and time for me to show you my records.

Also please note my change of address above.



Marian Patriot