The 'Matrix' Concept

Neo at "CDP hearing"

Neo at a "CDP Hearing"

The movie 'The Matrix' is a favorite among us Patriots. It is a favorite because it depicts a world that everyone believes is real, but in fact it is not. Without going into a long explanation of the movie and why it applies to our circumstance, allow me to explain that we are delving into a new marketing campaign using the Matrix concepts.

To be a part of this marketing campaign, you need to purchase a Matrix costume and a sign. We want one side of the sign to read, "I did not say it would be easy.... All I said is that it would be the truth!" The other side is to read, "Today's income taxes as applied is unconstitutional."

Morpheus   Neo   Trinity

All costumes are available on web. Currently, I have a Morpheus costume that I would like to sell for $40.00. If you are interested, please call Larry at 706-886-2883.