March 10, 2008

Thomas Ascik, Esq.
Assistant United States Attorney
100 Otis Street
Ashville, NC 28801
Phone: 828.271.4661

Dear Mr. Ascik,

I understand that you are in charge of the forfeiture and auction of the material seized in the Liberty Dollar investigation. Please know that I am a holder of Warehouse Receipts and/or electronic Liberty Dollars and you are in possession of my lawful property. Please be informed that I am most definitely an interested party and hereby request that you keep me informed as to every step of the process to forfeit and auction any of the material seized regarding the Liberty Dollar investigation as required by law. Therefore, I hereby request you add me to the government's 'service list' for all pleadings and other developments filed regarding Liberty Dollar forfeiture action. I further demand you return all material seized at Sunshine Mint immediately so I can redeem my Warehouse Receipts and/or electronic Liberty Dollars and enjoy my property. Please confirm receipt of this letter.


Richard Patriot
Buckeye, Arizona 85326