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Effective Use of the Patriot Advisory Service

  1. While 75% of the persons who refuse to feed the federal waste machine in Washington receive no contact from the IRS bullies and very few are bothered to any degree, those few who may be harassed often need a little extra assistance. Also, all Patriots do have occasional apprehensions, so the local independent groups in The Patriot Network have retained a group of experts to serve as advisors to help members.

  2. The Patriot Advisory Service, a service to members of the Network, is your back up, your assurance that help is available to you if needed. This article is to explain how you can have your service help you best. The PAS is an advisory, consulting service whereby subscribers can call Dr. Clarkson (864-225-3061), and other knowledgeable experts when necessary as part of their membership services. Letters with SASE will be answered promptly. The advisors other than Dr. Clarkson, are also listed on the contact page. The website also has answers to most of your questions.

  3. The Advisors do not assist with mundane tax advice, i.e. deductions, exemptions, etc. as plenty of such is available locally. The advisors and your local consultants do assist you with IRS or state taxing agency procedural problems, in particular those confronting Americans who refuse to finance destruction of our country.

    You are personally responsible for your own life and liberties, but the Patriot Network Protection Association will help and assist you.

    We advise and assist you with tax audits, collections, hearings, etc., but you are expected to do your own work. The Patriot Network educational programs and tapes show you how to stand up for yourself and fight back. The Advisory Service is your backup and support.

    Advice will mainly cover subjects as payroll withholding, FOIA-Privacy Act, Patriot Protection Procedure, including Summons, Gold and Silver investments, audits, collections and tax court procedure, civil right suits (Section 1984), Privacy Act Suits for damages, Tax Refund Suits, illegal disclosure suits, etc.

  4. Disclaimer: Even though Dr. Clarkson graduated from Law School and years ago practiced law, he currently is not a member of any Bar Association, not a licensed lawyer and is not allowed to represent anyone in any Court in this country.
  5. Generally, communication is via a phone call, e-mail, visit to local office, a letter with SASE, or contact with club leaders who attend most meetings. The phone lines are open day and night, weekends, holidays for your convenience. When calling Dr. Clarkson, tape-record the conversation so you can listen thoroughly later. Let us know if conversation is recorded and we can answer faster and in more detail. Make a list of your questions before you call so that you will not forget your important concerns.

    To Help You: The experts are available 13 hours a day, seven days a week. Feel free to call anytime between 9am and 10pm Eastern Standard Time.

    You can receive better answers from questions that are well framed.

  6. Dr. Clarkson has an answering machine to help you, leave a message. All calls from members are returned, unless your phone number is not audible, or if Dr. Clarkson erases it by error. If no one returns your call within three days, call again. Even though the phone line may be busy for long hours, the phone is not off the hook. Dr. Clarkson is just occupied. Due to time constraints, Dr. Clarkson is not always able to return calls or emails to non-members.

  7. Due to virus threats, Dr. Clarkson, et al deletes incoming e-mail messages when a name is not recognized. You need to put your name in the sender line and a personal message as the subject line. Dr. Clarkson returns emails to members promptly. However he does accidentally delete some so you may need to repeat e-mails that are not responded to within a few days.

  8. The Advisors do not remember everything or all of your concerns. This may be your only advisory service, but the service aids hundreds of Patriots. Do not expect Dr. Clarkson, and the others, to remember everything. Therefore, begin your conversation or letter with a little reminder of past events. Also, when you order packets or material, spell out clearly what you need.

  9. Almost all of your questions and concerns have been shared by others. The Service is aware of the problems that you are having and has helped many others with the same difficulties and therefore has researched them thoroughly, found good answers, and published them in the packets and newsletters. You can save telephone expense by reading the books and instructions distributed by Clarkson. Read The Patriot Cannon, and attend Clarkson’s Law Course, before you call, as many of your questions will be answered there.

  10. Clarkson's Tape Series: Since the problems of all Constitutionalists (A) fall in 9 or 10 specialized areas; (B) have been faced by Dr. Clarkson et al thousands of times before, the advisors have developed set procedures. The best and true methods are detailed in the various Clarkson tapes, audios, videos and DVDs, which are available from your club book table or from the Patriot Bookstore online.

    Since the questions are repetitious, personal answers often become short. Consequently, to allow advisors time to research and update materials plus save you money on the phone bill, we recommend, in fact, insist that you study the tape on the particular problem before you call. Actually, in most cases the tape is more informative than a personal conversation, because it covers the entire subject in a logical sequence. Feel free to call though, especially for back up.

    The tapes are designed to teach you how to solve your own problems, furnishes the complete background information, the entire scope. On the other hand, the conversation with the advisor is short, by necessity, without much needed background or general information but specific in response to a direct question. Often, you may not know enough to ask the right questions, not give your advisor the information he needs to understand your problem and as a result, not receive the complete answer. Solution: listen to the tapes first.

  11. The Advisors are experienced, knowledgeable, learned and up-to-date on the problems faced by Patriots nationwide. The solutions, which will be furnished to you, have been tested and tried in other cases and the results studied. You will be receiving first-class advice, but do not bother to call for lengthy explanations unless you have faith in the service and intend to follow the directions and guidelines.

  12. Varying Opinions: When you talk to your local counselor, other leaders, Dr. Clarkson, or the various Advisors, you may notice discrepancies, i.e. different answers to the same question at different times, plus the same consultant will respond differently to the same concern. This may arise from:

    1. Different facts presented by you to them. As you live and learn, you will change your conversation, you will furnish different aspects of the problem to different helpers.

    2. Differences of Opinion. Yes, the advisors may partly disagree concerning certain subjects or minor aspects thereof. Experiences of the advisors do vary which accounts for insignificant variations. However, the several advisors do communicate frequently and are abreast of any significant experiences known to the others. However, actually the advice varies very little, yet to you or any novice, it may seem catastrophic. Do not worry so much; the differences are actually very minor.

    3. Changes in procedures. The various advisors confront different problems at different times. One may momentarily be more advanced and skilled. Also, the IRS does vary procedures in various regions.

  13. Dr. Clarkson has helped thousands of Patriotic Americans fight the evil dungeons of the IRS, protect their assets, and preserve their privacy.

    He is currently serving as the Executive Director of the Patriot Network, publisher of the Patriot Cannon and teaches many seminars, including Clarkson's Law Course. He is the author of numerous books and videos on how to protect your freedoms and privacy. Jun04

What Dr. Clarkson Actually Does

Robert Clarkson is your legal coach, your advisor. He is standing by to assist you in your own legal matters. You are expected to do your own work and to represent yourself. Many patriots have done this successfully. It's easier than you think.

We are a political group with a political purpose. See Our Purpose on the home page of our website. We only handle cases in the political arena even though we occasionally furnish limited advice in many legal matters. We offer pointers in many areas based on our training, long years of experience and unique insights into the legal/political system.

Most of the work we do relates to Tax Procedures such as audits, collections, Tax Court, etc. Our area of expertise is helping people protect themselves from the IRS and other predatory and tyrannical government agencies.

We do not fill out tax returns for others or even ourselves. We have limited knowledge about tax returns and how to file them.

If the evil tax collectors attack a member, we will show the member how to protect themselves and fight back. The Patriot Network will furnish you samples, guides and packets. Most of this is available on our website. We will show you how to navigate through our website as well as the administrative or court system.

Due to scheduling and travel restrictions, Dr. Clarkson cannot appear with you at a formal hearing or trial or directly assist you except in rare cases. You can schedule your informal conferences when Dr. Clarkson can appear, and frequently he will accompany you.

Generally though, he will tell you how to conduct your own hearing, what you can expect and how to proceed. Most Patriots do very well. Over three decades, Dr. Clarkson and other experts feel this procedure works best. Over the years, everybody has seen that Patriots with coaching and guidance have done better than attorneys who have no interest in the case.

Often, a PN student will sit next to you at hearings to assist you. Your advisor will directly assist you with court procedure, which is how the court system operates or when you do what.

You are expected to handle your own case, do your own research and read the case law, which is the substance of your case. For the real issues in your legal problem or substantive law, Clarkson’s assistance will be indirect, as he will only show you how to read and understand the law in your own case and make your own determinations. He will show you how to follow the rules, how the courts operate and how you move through the systerm, which is procedural law.

We will teach you how to do your own legal research, and how to write your own legal briefs. This is much easier than you would imagine. Most patriots do very well here. Pro se litigants, for the most part, can and will learn the legal system and do a good job. The judges frequently point out that the pro se litigant has done very well.

For the elderly and handicapped, or very unusual cases, your advisor may take a more active role, but this is now limited due to uncertainty in the law. However, if the court orders Clarkson to assist you due to your disability, he will oblige.

You are expected to study the two videos/DVD’s on legal research and writing. Clarkson will proofread your pleadings and coach you, but he does not write briefs for Patriots.

Dr. Clarkson will share his thoughts with you on the best course of action. He will explain your options. He does not tell you what to do, but once you decide, he will comment on ways you can maximize your advantages.

New Program: We now have an Executive Service Plan for business owners, medical doctors, dentists, and those who need extra services. Our trained paralegals will prepare the letters and paperwork you need. Instead of limiting our program to only assisting and coaching you in tax matters, now we will not only write your letters but also type and mail them for you. This of course is at an extra cost to you. This program also includes a legal defense fund which has many years of operation and has been spectaculary succesful. Call Dr. Clarkson for more information. 864-225-3061

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