State of Pennsylvania
County of Montgomery

George Seller                             ) 
               Seller                     ) Bill of Sale
Joe Buyer                                 ) Personal Property
               Purchaser                  ) 

For and in consideration of the sum of $1000.00 receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the Seller above-named does hereby sell, transfer, assign, release and deliver unto the Purchaser above-named the following personal property:


(A Limited Liability Company)

The Seller warrants that this personal property hereby sold is in his possession, legally owned by Seller, entirely unencumbered, except as stated in writing hereupon. The Seller delivers on this date or promises to deliver on demand at a date and place agreed upon by the parties.

Dated this 18th day of November, 2008

____________________________                ________________ 
Witness Seller                              Date

___________________________                 ________________
Witness Purchaser                           Date