Dear Radio Host,



Dr. Clarkson of the Patriot Network is familiar with your Internet website and your radio show and would like to be heard on your program as a guest speaker.
Dr. Clarkson is the South's most famous IRS fighter and speaks nationwide on Constitutional rights of American citizens, how the Bill of Rights protects honest citizens, and the meaning of liberty.  Dr. Clarkson will show citizens how their rights have been eroded and how they can be regained.
Robert Barnwell Clarkson, a graduate of both Clemson University and the University of South Carolina Law School, has been a champion of working people in the South for years, is an authority on the Freedom of Information Act, the Privacy Act, IRS illegal and unconstitutional acts; author of four books, founder of The Carolina Patriots and the Patriot Network, co-founder of the S.C. Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party in SC, and the south's most active tax patriot. You may view the Patriot Network website at
Dr. Clarkson can speak on the good news to his fellow Americans about the restoration of the Constitution movement, the nation's fastest growing political force; how millions of Constitutionalists are using effective methods to demand a return to Constitutional government, and how the hated IRS is reeling under the blows.
When you elect local government representatives and they go to D.C. how are they spending your tax dollars? Do we give them carte blanche? Where is the money coming from that the federal government just donated to South Asia ? Why do we have a federal deficit and yet government spending still increases? How much and what tax are you required to pay? Are you paying too much? What is the value of the American dollar? Did you receive a cost of living increase in your salary? Does it really match the cost of inflation? What causes inflation?
Dr. Clarkson can answer all of these questions and more, as well as tell you what is and is not authorized by the U.S. Constitution. Please contact him to set up a convenient time for an interview or for more information. You may reach him at 864-225-3061 or e-mail

Thank you -- we look forward to working with you.