Timothy Patriot
1776 Patriot Way
Grand Junction, CO.

February 22, 2007

CO. Dept of Revenue
600 17th St.
Stop 1005 DEN
Denver, CO 80202-2490

Case # O6CV6006

You have not yet responded to my repeated previous correspondence. Again I deny I owe this “Alleged Judgment”. Your assessment was done arbitrarily and without consideration of my deductions. It was predicated on third-party information, the specific sources of which you apparently do not have. I have asked for a meeting to discuss this and apparently it was denied.

I am responding to the alleged Judgment and Warrant of Destraint that the Colorado Dept. of Revenue Sent. I have asked for reconciliation of the inconsistent information between CDOR and the IRS. I am still in communication with the IRS and The US Tax Court about the alleged income information that is not correct. So you see I do not understand how the CDOR can claim they received income information about me from the IRS, when in fact it has not been finalized on what are actually the correct amounts if any! I am sure that the IRS will deny giving out any such information to you. In spite of this issue, you have fraudulently issued an assessment against me.

I have not even had a hearing on this issue, which the law requires. I want this matter resolved and would like all judgments retracted immediately. I would also like an explanation on how I received someone else’s Warrant on Distraint and not my own. This in its self is very disturbing to me now someone else has my complete identity to do with what they want; I am looking further into what action I can also take on this sloppy manner that my information is being handled so irresponsibly. All your figures are wrong and I would like a copy of your source of figures, copy of certificate of wages. Also I would please like a copy of the hearing information and the signature of the judge who authorized this judgment as well as a transcript of the proceedings.

I will be contacting Governor Ritter, Taxpayers Advocate and other State Representatives about the way this department has treated citizens of Colorado and violated the law.


Timothy Patriot