Richard J. Date
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
April. 2, 2009

Walter Matyczyk
710 Locust St .
Suite 400
Knoxville , TN. 37902

Dear Walter Matyczyk,

No, Mr. Matyczyk, April 2 is not convenient to me. You are writing letters before I can even respond to your last one.  It seems you fain some type of cooperation but your tactics are deceiving, self-serving, bullying, abusive and downright fraudulent as explained below.

  1. You send I.R.S. publications to try and show your authority and yet will not answer any of the questions that I have about you and your service.  These publications do not give you any authority; they only specify what your authority would be if you have it.  Your authority flows back up to your boss all the way to the Secretary of the Treasury who gets his authority to interface with the people from a "Regulation and Statute" dually Registered in the Federal Registry.
  2. In your last letter you schedule an audit date of April 2, 2009 which is 9 days from the postmark on your envelope of March 23; this allowed me even fewer days by the time I received it. I do wish to record this meeting and you require a 10-day notice for such; as you know, this is impossible to do in nine days.
  3. As I explained in my last letter, I will be submitting F.O. I. A. request before our meeting in order to get answers to my questions, which you have chosen to ignore.  Again, I find this impossible to do in nine days.
  4. You do not date all of your correspondences, which is misleading.

I will be bringing knowledgeable witnesses to this meeting now that you have exposed your true tactics as I fear for my rights under the law.  If you wish to schedule this meeting on some unreasonable time frame please furnish me with the proper forms to make sure my witnesses are able to receive compensation for their time and efforts.  If not, then I will organize this meeting on a reasonable time frame for all involved. of your regulations are confusing and most of them, as best as I can determine, are completely irrelevant to me.

I am not your slave so your bullying and high-pressure tactics must come to an end. Does your employer as standard "Policy and Procedure" teach you these this?  Answer Yes or No to this simple question.

If this is satisfactory with you then I will issue a schedule with dates so that all involved will be informed and know when and what to except.  Otherwise I do not understand or believe any of what you have presented, as it seems you are trying to hide the true facts and push me into a disadvantaged position.

Rick D.

Cc: Phil Roe, Representative 1st Districtt