The Patriot Network offers a special program to those who need it:


(For extremely busy people)

Professionals, entrepreneurs and busy employees who would rather hire experienced professionals to protect them from oppressive taxation and government control, will appreciate the freedom and peace of mind the ROYAL FREEDOM PACKAGE provides. We can refer to you a specialist or contractor who will handle all situations from the IRS or State Taxing Agency with complete Civil and, (if needed) Criminal representation.

Robert Clarkson has selected the various contractors personally, based on their competence, high quality services, experience and longevity. However, the service provider is a separate organization and not controlled by Dr. Clarkson. The Patriot Network is unable to guarantee their work and is not financially responsible.

The Royal Freedom Package includes the following:  

A Freedom Preparation Package that will provide you with educational course and material that is designed to help you understand your rights, law, procedure and how to protect yourself against oppressive taxation and government control. In addition these material will help you make a conclusive decision as to whether you are required to submit to the tyrrany of unlawful government agencies or not; based on the guidance and response, or lack thereof, from your Public Servants (Senators and Congressmen). For more details on our courses, see the Beginner's Freedom Package.

Protection from criminal attacks for not filing 1040 Income Tax confession forms. You will receive full membership in our LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, which includes PREPAID REPRESENTATION for ALL costs, even up to the Supreme Court, if necessary. Very few of our members have needed this protection; however they do enjoy the peace of mind it provides.

We respond on your behalf, in response to administrative attacks from the IRS and State Income Tax Agencies, by providing administrative responses and unlimited consultation by the appropriate DREAM TEAM professionals.

Peace of mind; knowing that there is a dedicated team of freedom minded legal professionals working around the clock to handle any situation that may obstruct your freedom. Our DREAM TEAM members are the most knowledgeable and experienced freedom fighting paralegals, accountants and attorneys in America. On the average, each of our DREAM TEAM members has over 20 years of experience in this field taxes, law and freedom.

In short, we do it all for you. The Service Provider has assembled and coordinated the most knowledgeable, experienced and successful group of freedom fighters in America. We protect our members from IRS and State Income Tax Agencies harassment. This allows our members to enjoy the fruits of their labor in peace and prosperity.

Your investment in the ROYAL FREEDOM PACKAGE is only $6,000 to start and $2,000 (*$2500 for Californians) per year thereafter. To sign up for this program, contact Dr. Clarkson and he will give you a referral. If you have any questions about the ROYAL FREEDOM PACKAGE, please feel free to contact us at 864-225-3061 or send him an email.


PURPOSE: To restore honest, responsive and limited governments in the United States of America, which will follow the letter and spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution as written and designed by America's Founding Fathers to protect the blessings of liberty for all Americans.

SCOPE: The protection association agrees to provide the purchaser of the ROYAL FREEDOM PACKAGE (RFP), the following:

  1. A COURSE OF EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL on freedom, justice, law and procedure, which includes a great course, A PRACTICAL ROAD TO FREEDOM FROM OPPRESSIVE TAXATION AND CONTROL, LEVEL 1, as well as other books, videos, CDs or audio tapes of contractor’s choosing, to assist the purchaser in thoroughly understanding his Constitutionally Protected Rights and proper method of asserting and defending said Rights.
  2. A FREEDOM PREPARATION PACKAGE containing books, videos and materials for the purchaser's education. The Service Provider has specially designed this package to present and help educate his/her Congressmen and U.S. Senators as to any possible Income Tax liabilities of the purchaser. This material was also designed to inform and educate the said public servants to correctly follow and implement their oath to “protect and defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”
  3. Membership in a LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, whose purpose is the protection of their members, from criminal charges illegally levied by government employees. Purchaser agrees to fill out and be bound by the terms of the contract of the LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, which will be provided to the purchaser.
  4. Membership in a prepaid TAX DEFENSE PROGRAM, in which full consultation and representation is provided in responding to letters, inquiries and administrative hearings of Income Tax Governmental Authorities at Federal, State and Local Levels, including the U.S. Tax Court and tax refund lawsuits. The methods and strategy used for the purchaser, is selected by the contractor to best suit the purchaser's particular facts and circumstances.
  5. A portion of the purchaser's funds will be contributed to the American Justice Foundation (AJF) to assist the AJF in instituting and supporting lawsuits and other legal actions that can bring about the greatest amount of freedom, justice and honest government back to the American People.


  1. Due to the fact that a citizen puts the burden of proof in any civil (money related/non-criminal) tax proceedings on himself, by signing forms under “penalty of perjury”, with the IRS and other purported State Income Tax Agencies, membership in the LEGAL DEFENSE FUND and TAX DEFENSE PROGRAM is not available for those years in which the purchaser has signed any Income Tax Confessions (returns) with the government at either the Federal, State or Local level, unless the following conditions are met by the member: a) A notarized copy of any tax return which the individual has filed with the IRS or the State Tax Agency, along with a notarized copy of the receipts, cancelled check or other documents that prove the existence and accuracy of the expenses and deductions that the individual has claimed on his tax returns, this must be delivered to the Service Provider within 60 days after signing up for membership or 60 days after the signing of such returns, whichever is earlier. b) A list of witnesses, which can testify to the existence and accuracy of the claimed expenses or deductions, or both, with address and phone number of the witness for all items of expense and deduction, which are over $10. This list shall be updated every 12 months, for ten years, after the date of filing of the tax returns.
  2. Membership in the LEGAL DEFENSE FUND has a three-month waiting period before the membership takes effect. During this three-month period, the purchaser must be without any current IRS, State or Local Income Tax Agency criminal summons, contact, indictment, and/or arraignment upon application Purchaser must not have been Mirandized (rights read) or been referred to Local or State authorities, or the U.S. Justice Department for prosecution upon application pending the waiting period.
  3. Membership in the LEGAL DEFENSE FUND is limited to: a) criminal charges alleging failure to file returns (Federal, State or Local) for years in which the purchaser filed no Federal, State or Local Income Tax returns of any kind, Aid and Abet charges stemming from Franchise Tax Board Code section 19701B, or Criminal charges for filing a fraudulent W4 form, b) Criminal charges under 26 USC 7201 for filers and non-filers. Claims on the LEGAL DEFENSE FUND must be made at the first implication of criminal investigation by the government, as it pertains to the above items, to the Primary Administrator of the LEGAL DEFENSE FUND.
  4. Membership to the TAX DEFENSE PROGRAM has a three-month waiting period before taking effect. During this three-month waiting period, the purchaser must not have been mailed a Notice of Deficiency (90-day letter), a Notice of Federal Income Tax Examination Changes (30-day letter), an IRS “We Changed Your Account” letter, an IRS “URGENT” letter, a State request to file a tax return, a Notice of Proposed Assessment or other State or Local authorities' request to file a state tax return or a local or state proposed tax notice of any kind. A copy of all Income Tax Agency correspondence received by purchaser must be immediately forwarded to FLS for review and to start formulating a proper response.
  5. The current price of the RFP is $6,000 for the first year and $2,000 for each year thereafter ($2500 each year thereafter for Californians.) Due to the U.S. Government forcing us to accept papers called Federal Reserve Notes, which the banks and Federal Reserve banks have been authorized to create and distribute out of thin air, to the detriment of the rest of us, these prices are subject to change no more than once per year. RFP price includes the spouse at no additional expense.
  6. To sign up for this exciting program, email or call Dr. Clarkson 864-225-3061. Feb 08