From: _______________________________



TO: Chairman, S.C. Dept of Revenue                                    DATE: ____________________________
PO Box 125
Columbia, SC  29214

  1. This is a request under the Freedom of Informational for the State of South Carolina, SC Code §30-4-10.  I agree to pay all fees and costs associated with this re quest.
  1. I request that you waive fees and costs, but if you do not, please send the requested materials and do not let the request for wavier delay this FOIA request. You can consider this a firm agreement to pay fees. I request fee waiver or reduction because no commercial use is intended, disclosure will contribute to public understanding of the activities of the government, and because furnishing the information can be considered as primarily benefiting the general public.
  1. If some of my requests are exempt from the release, please furnish me with those portions “reasonably segregatable.” Further, if you determine some of my requests are exempt, would you provide me with an indexing, itemization and detailed justification concerning information, which you are not releasing.
  1. I request a copy of all documents, records and papers in your office pertaining to the following subjects:

A.  All records and documents pertaining to me.

B.  Tax treaty between the state of South Carolina and the Federal Government or the Internal Revenue Service.

C.   Documents pertaining to the source of the assessment against me, the IRS certificate of assessment or the IRS documents showing my AGI, tax liability, wage statements or any income statements.

D.   Copy of all policy statements, memoranda or public records pertaining to the above requested tax treaty, if subsequent and proceeding documents.

E.   All documents and public records pertaining to those persons classified as “tax protestors” or persons who have filed a “protest type return.” This includes copies of notes, transcripts and records of the Department discussing matters of correspondence pertaining to this subject.

Under the law, I have a right to inspect a copy of these public records. If you cannot send them to me, will you please inform me within fifteen (15) days of the time and place where I might come and inspect them on my own or copy them with the use of your copying machine. However, I prefer that you copy them and mail them to me.