Hugh D. Patriot
Paoli, PA 19301

October 1, 2008

Ms. Anne Jacobosky
Assistant Regional Commissioner
Social Security Administration
1 Jamaica Center Plaza
Jamaica, NY 11432-3898

Dear Ms. Jacobosky:

Re Claims: 123-45-6789 and 987-65-4321

Your letters of July 21, 2008, to the undersigned advised that starting August 1, 2008, your office would begin to withhold the full social security amount of $100 from account 123-45-6789 and $100 from account 987-65-4321 under the TOP for a tax debt due to the IRS. The TOP has a maximum limit of 15% that can lawfully be deducted from our retirement checks. Your office should have withheld $100 per month from account 123-45-6789 and $100 per month from account 987-65-4321. Instead, you have deducted the entire $100 from account 123-45-6789 and the entire $100 from account 987-65-4321, which is unlawfully in excess of the amounts that are authorized to be withheld. Accordingly, I ask that you send a check to Hugh D. Patriot for $100, plus 6% interest, and a check to Teresa E. Patriot for $100, plus 6% interest.. These are the amounts that by law should have been sent to us.

Future checks should deduct $100 from 123-45-6789 and $100 from 987-65-4321.

As you know, Congress passed the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights ll which included the Illegal Tax Collection Act IRC$7433 that provides for a minimum statutory damages provision of $100,000.00 that would be payable by your agency to each of us. I trust the integrity of your office will not force us to file suit in federal district court for such minimum damages. p>


Hugh D. Patriot
Teresa E. Patriot