Barcode Baby Social Security Number Required!

If you think that our Social Security Number SS Barcode will never "be used for Identification Purposes," think again! Read about this one family's battle with the I.R.S. to receive credit on their income taxes.

IRS Adjustment Unit
P.O. Box 9019
Holtsville, NY 11742-9019

Dear IRS Employee:

Please refer to Notice number CP11, dated June 28, 2004, Caller ID number XXXXXX, which we received on June 25th, 2004. Note that the letter was clearly post-dated. Cindy responded immediately upon receipt of said Notice by calling 1-800-829-8374 to state her disagreement with the changes. After being transferred to an unknown number within the IRS, she spoke to Mr. Dixon, ID Number XXXXXXXX. It is because of, and in accordance with, his instructions that we are sending this letter.

We object to our deduction for our healthy baby boy being disallowed because we did not supply a Social Security Number. When we sent in our return, it had enclosed with it an original Affidavit of Live Birth, witnessed by the doctor who delivered the baby and the nurse who calculated the baby’s Apgar score. Also included was a notarized Affidavit of Dependent Deduction like the one enclosed with this letter. This should have been sufficient to substantiate the deduction for our son. However, Mr. Dixon explained that the IRS separates any “extra” materials from the tax forms upon receipt. Hence, our trouble and expense to have the affidavit notarized was in vain.

We have enclosed with this letter a notarized reprinting of the Affidavit of Dependent Deduction, along with a copy of our original Affidavit of Live Birth. We trust that this time, these valuable and important documents will not be thrown away or ignored.

We must add, per Mr. Dixon’s instructions, our objections to our son being required to have a Social Security Number assigned to him.

Cindy objects to being required to state her beliefs in order to secure the legal status of her naturally born, legal and legitimate son when his birth and dependent status have been witnessed and documented. It is her understanding that the Social Security system remains, at least on paper, a voluntary program for employed adults. It is her further understanding that it is not a national identity scheme. She objects strenuously to coercion from any government entity to assign her son a number upon birth. When he is old enough to decide for himself, should he choose to do so of his own free will, he may then apply for a Social Security Number.

Requiring a Social Security Number to buy or sell, earn a living or save money in a bank smacks distinctly of the Mark of the Beast. Enumeration at Birth is even worse. This quote is from the Christian Bible, the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13, Verses 16-17: “He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. “

James also objects to being required to state his beliefs in order to secure the legal status of his naturally born, legal and legitimate son when his birth and dependent status have been witnessed and documented. It is my understanding that our son is not required to have a Social Security Number by the edict of the Social Security Act until he earns any income.

James believes that Internal Revenue Service rules regarding Social Security Numbers do not take precedence over the Social Security Act itself. James also believes that the reason the IRS "claims" that our dependent son is required to have a Social Security Number is to ensure that the dependent claimed (in this case our biological son) is in fact qualified to receive the allotted credits.

No other parents can claim our biological son as their dependent. Our son has been in our care since the day he was born and it is our firm belief that we, as his parents and only guardians, have the right to claim the Child Tax Credit. The Affidavit of Dependent Deduction, and our original Affidavit of Live Birth, originally attached to our Form 1040, as well as copies of said documents enclosed in this letter should be sufficient proof to the IRS that the existence of our son, as well as our claim of his dependence upon us, is true as duly witnessed and notarized. We believe, as his parents, that we are entitled to claim the Child Tax Credit for tax year 2003.

In closing, we respectfully request that the IRS reverse its decision and process our return as originally submitted.

______________________        _________________________
    James Black            Date                        Cindy Black             Date

Enclosures (2):
    Affidavit of Live Birth
       Affidavit of Dependent Deduction

Affidavit begins here:
    Affidavit of Dependent Deduction

    1)      Sonny Black was born 17 July, 2003. He is the biological
            and lawful son of James and Cindy Black.
2) James and Cindy provide for more than 50% of Sonny’s needs. Sonny resides full-time with his parents in their home. 3) Sonny is not claimed as a deduction on any other tax return. __________________________________ _______________________________ James Black, Father of Sonny Black Cindy Black, Mother of Sonny Black State of California County of Santa Clara Subscribed and sworn to before me this _________ day of _________________ , 2004 __________________________________________________ Notary Public, in and for the State of California

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