August 11, 2006 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Atlanta , Georgia Peachtree Summit Federal Building
401 W Peachtree Street N.W.

Five brave Patriots faced off against the beast in Atlanta today. 

The I.R. S. office at the Peachtree Summit Federal Building in Atlanta Georgia felt the wrath of Dr. Clarkson's Patriot Protestors. When we arrived at 1:00 PM. The federal building only had a couple security personnel on hand for screening people who were entering their facility.

We set up on the sidewalk in front of their building, but a security guard came out and said we could not do that on “federal property."  (Property we all paid for.) He was polite and non-threatening., so we set up across the street on the public sidewalk. Shortly thereafter, three officers walked out and watched us from their "federal property" sidewalk. Then two “federal security police” cars and one “federal security police” suburban pulled up to the building with more officers. Atlanta police cruised by several times, and one patrol car parked up the street for 15-20 minutes and watched us from behind their tinted windows. Apparently five old men with gray hair put a twist in their shorts.

At 2:00 PM we entered the federal building (without our signs) for the appointment that Patriot John had scheduled with I.R.S. District Counsel Fitzpatrick. We went through security. Approximately 12 security guards and an undercover CID officer were now there. A few officers were somewhat rude and tried to intimidate us. The security officers wouldn't let us bring in our tape recorder for the meeting, and neither would the IRS personnel. (FYI, everyone is permitted to tape record any meeting with the IRS, under the IRS laws and regulations, if you notify them 10 days in advance, which Patriot John did.) They only let John and one witness (Robert) to go up to the 14th floor to meet with the IRS agents, even though you are allowed several witnesses and a recorder. Since no recorder was allowed, the meeting only lasted 10 minutes and the meeting was only about the recorder. Without a recorder, I believe no one should discuss anything with the IRS, and they didn't.

The other two Patriots and I waited in the lobby under the watchful eye of a security officer. I was the last of the five of us to exit through the revolving door and I heard a threat shouted at us by one of the security guards. We ignored the harassing comment since we were almost outside and because our backs were towards them I couldn't tell which officer yelled it.

Afterward We walked up the street for supper and had a great time.