Tony Patriot
1776 Freedomside Dr
Galena, OH 43021

Petition for Reassessment

To: Ohio Dept of Taxation, Compliance Division
PO Box 182402, Columbia, OH 43218-2402

Re: Audit type DQ, Case type 1
Assessment number: 02200714487571; Tax payer ID number: 123-45-6789

I hereby appeal, protest and petition for reassessment, the assessment for Ohio Income Taxes for the tax year 2005 and the notice of assessment dated June 5, 2007. The total amount is approximately $4,500.

I also appeal and protest the Delinquency Assessment against me on an unknown date.

I hereby request a hearing, conference, or an appeal. I want to meet with somebody in your office to see if we can make arrangements for this. Also I have books and records to prove my deductions, credits, etc.

The assessment against me is not correct, I do not owe a tax liability in this amount. For the tax year in question, I had a dependent wife, unreimbursed business expenses, tax preparation expense, deductions for medical, interest, charity, etc. Your division did not give me credit for withholding, etc.

Your figures are incorrect and may be the result of an illegal immigrant using my Social Security number. Please send me the source of your figures, especially the income figures and a copy of the W-2 form or wage statement. The figures from the IRS Notice of Tax Deficiency are incorrect and therefore you should not rely on them. I protest and appeal your office using a tax liability which is not correct.

I am unable to pay this assessment but I still want my day in court and my Due Process rights under the state and federal Constitutions. I am unable to meet the payment requirements because I have no assets or properties, savings, investments, etc. The IRS has levied almost all of my pay check, so I have no money to pay up front.

I request that the prepayment be waived due to my indigence. I am entitled to fee waiver because of my lack of money. I request that you not discriminate against me on the basis of wealth. If you cannot waive penalties, please inform me how I might appeal that decision. I may want to appeal any adverse decision against me. Therefore, please send me the instructions and forms on how to file an appeal.

I request that you not initiate enforced collections until this petition/appeal has been resolved.


Tony R. Patriot