Henry Patriot
123 Main St.
Greenville, SC 12345

June 6, 2006

To: Ms. Nancy Cain
Taxpayer Advocate Service
Internal Revenue Service
1835 Assembly Street MDP03
Columbia, SC 29201

RE: Henry Patriot 123-45-6789

Dear Ms. Nancy Cain,

I am in receipt of a copy of a letter you sent to Representative Bob Inglis referencing the levy on my Social Security Benefits.

The letter states to “return form 433F by May 3, 2006.” As you can see by the date of this letter, this task was impossible, especially given the fact that the envelope in which Rep Inglis’ office mailed the form to me was postmarked May 10.

I am 87 years old and my wife is 89 and in poor health and requires many prescriptions that Medicare does not fully pay for. My wife suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and has fallen and broken her arm twice, resulting in having to have pins put in it. She requires my constant supervision.

I am unable to find the time to comply with this buracratic paper work, so let me sum it all up for you. I own no real estate or assets and I do not have any credit cards. I depend on my SS benefits to live. I have even had to cancel a Medicare supplemental plan because I could not afford it. My expenses include, but are not limited to, my utilities, groceries, medical bills, prescriptions and paying for someone to clean my home.

Is this how the government takes care of its senior citizens by stealing the only money they have and requiring them to go through miles of red tape to get any assistance?! Please release the levy.


Henry Patriot

cc: Rep Bob Inglis