Asst Attorney General of Florida and famed tax historian has researched and proven that wages are not income and not taxable by IRS !!! He spoke to our groups in June of 2005.

John C. Garrison
How Congress Hijacked the 16th Amendment

Bilking Millions from American Workers

In The New Income Tax Scandal, tax historian John C. Garrison contends that if the

income tax were applied according to the actual intent of the 16th Constitutional

(or Income Tax) Amendment, living expenses such as food, shelter and health care,

necessary to keep workers fit to produce income, would be as tax deductible

as the costs of doing business. Gleaned from 20 years of historical research and

tax reform activism, this book reveals new shocking and scandalous findings about

our income tax system.

Inside these pages, you'll discover:

o How Congress illegally converted the income tax from an excise tax to a direct tax

o How through this misdeed, Congress has swindled workers out of millions and tramples on their political freedoms

o How the intent of the 16th Amendment, which included the income tax as a tax on the rich, was later betrayed by Congress to include all the workers

o How legal precedents showing a worker's labor to be income-producing property are suppressed by federal judges to prevent the deduction of living expenses

o How federal courts act outside the law and judges lie and break the rules to cover up income tax corruption

o A proposed new tax system for resolving the current inequities

As preparation for public discourse, The New Income Tax Scandal

provides vital knowledge of what is at stake as our government considers tax reform.

JOHN C. GARRISON serves as a staff legal assistant at the State of Florida,

Office of the Attorney General, Bureau of Administrative Law. He has been engaged

in the study of tax history and in tax reform activism for over two decades.






How a Little-known Tax Law

Led to Sudden Discovery

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