Ralph and Cynthia Patriot
1776 Patriot Way
Simpsonville , USA 12345

Mr. Nick Sipe
SC Dept. of Revenue
301 Gervais Street
PO Box 12265
Columbia , SC 29211


We have had the recent displeasure of corresponding with one of the attorneys at the department under your sphere of authority, Mr. Ronald W. Urban.

As you can see from the letter he sent us (attached), he was rude, intimidating, accusatory and demeaning. Are these attributes that should be demonstrated by employees of the state of South Carolina ?

In my response (also attached), I asked simple questions that should have been answered. Mr. Urban made no attempt to do so. Is this not arrogant? He made accusations and I simply asked questions, which he ignored. Is this consistent with the behavioral expectations of the department? Why will he not answer our questions? Is he unable, perhaps?

Is there someone else with whom we can correspond in the future?


Ralph Patriot

Cynthia Patriot