Why, When, How, and Where to Buy Gold & Silver

The answer to "Why buy gold and silver?" is very obvious to the great majority of Patriots. If it is not yet obvious to you, then you need to do some research on the Federal Reserve and the history of unbacked paper currency (Germany arca 1923, China arca 1946-1949, Hungary 1946). Many economists can easily explain the extreme danger of putting any faith in unbacked paper currency. ( See 1980 Monetary Banking and Control Act.) Their devices totally destroy our country, and you as an individual.

When you see how close these devious plans are to being implemented, the answer to the question, "Why buy gold?" becomes very obvious. Time is of essence. Get out of banking!

Thus, when the question to "Why buy gold and silver?" is answered sufficiently in your own mind, it causes you to want more than anything else to protect yourself and family from the ravages of the coming hyper-inflation or even the possibility of a devaluation of the unbacked paper money. In a sense, Federal Reserve Notes ( FRN's) are "backed" by faith and ignorance: faith that it will buy something of value, and ignorance of what real money is. This fraud continues because of massive campaigns by the banks, government and controlled media, claiming that paper money has value. Fortunately, few patriots have these dual misconceptions shared by the vast majority of the public, but we must do what we can to help educate our friends and relatives.

If you have not yet acted in preparing for your own and your family's financial survival, the next part of this article becomes obvious: the "when" is now! As soon as possible, purchase your survival currency! (We also recommend that you shore up your food supplies and your means to produce food, then take the necessary steps to protect both.) Take positive steps to protect your self from being ruined fiscally as well as physically.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough that the time to buy gold and silver is now, also because it is at its lowest price for years. Survival experts suggest $1,000 face value of junk silver (silver prior to 1964) U.S. coins per family member. You cannot afford to gamble with you and your family's future.

The next important step is choosing not only to buy silver and gold at a good price, but also privately and undetected. We HIGHLY recommend that you find a trusted source so Big Brother and his minions do not even suspect you have any gold or silver.

The Patriot Network is setting up a gold an silver purchasing system that will not only provide its members with competitive prices, but also, most importantly, will also provide the maximum amount of privacy and security for the purchasing member.

Remember, PRIVACY is key! Do not buy gold and silver locally. The dealer may remember you in case of confiscation orders by government authorities, or another Roosevelt style calling to make you take worthless greenback FRN's when silver and gold soar against paper (which they will do as proven throughout all recorded history.) Remember, it is not a matter of IF our monetary system will crash, it is a matter of WHEN!