DATE: Tuesday

September 7, 2007                                    

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COINTELPRO smashed for second time in 40 years: Clarkson Beats FBI!
On May 3 of this year, eight heavily armed FBI Agents swooped down on the home of Dr. Robert B. Clarkson in Anderson, SC and removed two truckloads of political literature, legal papers and personal items, including his law diploma and other certificates. Today, the stolen property was returned.

On August 10th The federal court in Greenville, SCordered the FBI to return Dr. Clarkson’s property. Since the search warrant was illegal, the agents are equivalent to common criminals. Extensive litigation over this fake warrant is anticipated.
The victims of this raid have already begun their required administrative remedies before filing lawsuits in federal court. Complete details of this phony search warrant and pleadings are available on the Patriot Network website: . Click on COINTELPRO from the left menu. 
The PN website has an extensive section on illegal political surveillance and harassment perpetrated by all federal law enforcement agencies in the 1960’s, generally referred to as COINTELPRO. The numerous courts ruled that the entire operation was highly illegal. FBI agents went to jail; the federales paid out billions in damages to leftist organizations, which spawned the Watergate scandal.
The return of COINTELPRO
After being badly burned by COINTELPRO the IRS, FBI, etc… promised never again to interfere in the political process of an open society. The federals expended millions of dollars of federal law enforcement budgets in harassing insignificant political groups. The political surveillance program was not only a huge waste of money, but it accomplished nothing. Congress seriously outlawed further interference by federal law enforcement against peaceful political activities of a free people.
Now the FBI is setting itself up for another whipping!  They tangled with Dr Robert Barnwell Clarkson II!
The FBI had a legitimate law enforcement investigation on the banking instruments program of an independent patriotic group in Asheville, NC which was working on a protest against the Federal Reserve. The FBI used this criminal inquiry as a pretext to illegitimately invade Clarkson’s house and steal his property, even though Dr. Clarkson had no involvement with this war against the banksters and didn’t even know about the other patriot group’s activities,
Prior to issuance of the search warrant, the DOJ presented a secret affidavit or request to a well-respected federal magistrate in Greenville, SC. It was a pack of lies. Some activists have had access to that sealed affidavit. Nothing in it was truthful -- not a word.
On May 8th Dr. Clarkson met with FBI Agent Andy Romagnuolo in Charlotte, NC to request that his property be returned. Agent's admitted right up front that they knew Dr. Clarkson was not involved with the Asheville group that was under investigation. However, they stated defiantly that they were not returning hundreds of copies of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, blank stationery, cash, duplicates of books and videos from the Patriot Network's catalogue, etc.
Dr. Clarkson knew the FBI agents were almost graduates of law school and the US Supreme Court has ruled thousands of times in previous cases that such seized materials must be returned after the law has had a chance to examine them. Judges have always ruled unanimously that the First Amendment protects political literature -- in a sense, its main purpose.
Clarkson argued with the Agents about returning his materials after a reasonable time had elapsed for them to separate out any documentation needed for their investigation. (Both sides had already agreed no evidence existed.) But special Agent Romagnuolo stated clearly and emphatically that their office was not going to return the political literature, books and flyers. Against everything America and the Constitution have ever stood for and in the manner of the tyrannical Soviet KGB or a self-appointed media czar, he said they did not want Dr. Clarkson to continue making these political writings available to the public -- as he has for at least 30 years.
Dr. Clarkson was aghast -- bewildered. He even wrote to the federal judge in Greenville that he should inquire as to the mental health of this highly paid, well armed, super cop. Then a libertarian group shared with Dr. Clarkson an article about the federal supserstate's newest invitation to disaster: a scheme for sabotaging and wrecking political organizations it doesn't like, namely
The highest authorities of the most prestigious law enforcement agency in the world meet once a month at the Hoover building in Washington, DC and pick out which political groups are not worthy of existence and then order them to be "dismantled".
More details are available on the Patriot Network website and in future issues of the Patriot Network's monthly newsletter, the Patriot Cannon. Numerous FOIA and Privacy Act lawsuits are moving forward at this time relatedto this outrage. The website section dealing with dismantlement is password-protected, but the code is freely given out by Dr. Clarkson.