Only one form need be completed for a party even if the party is represented by more than one attorney. Disclosures must be filed on behalf of all parties to a civil or bankruptcy case, corporate defendants in a criminal case, and corporate amici curiae. Counsel has a continuing duty to update this information.

No. 08-6477
Caption: Clarkson et al verses USA

Pursuant to FRAP 26.1 and Local Rule 26.1, Robert Clarkson and Donna Clarkson who are appellants makes the following disclosure:

1. Is party/amicus a publicly held corporation or other publicly held entity? NO

2. Does party/amicus have any parent corporations? NO

If yes, identify all parent corporations, including grandparent and great-grandparent corporations:

3. Is 10% or more of the stock of a party/amicus owned by a publicly held corporation or other publicly held entity? NO

If yes, identify all such owners:

4. Is there any other publicly held corporation or other publicly held entity that has a direct financial interest in the outcome of the litigation (Local Rule 26.1(b))? NO

If yes, identify entity and nature of interest:

5. Is party a trade association? (amici curiae do not complete this question) NO

If yes, identify all members of the association, their parent corporations, and any publicly held companies that own 10% or more of a member’s stock:

6. Does this case arise out of a bankruptcy proceeding? NO

If yes, identify any trustee and the members of any creditors’ committee:

______________________________                                Date: July 24, 2008
Robert Clarkson, Attorney Pro Se
515 Concord Ave.
Anderson, SC  29621

_________________________                                          Date: July 24, 2008
Donna Clarkson