Ms. Lady Patriot
Anderson, SC 29621

June 29, 2007

David M. Hardy, Section Chief
Record/Information Dissemination Section,
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

Re: FOIA Request # 1082762-00, Form 515

Dear Mr. Hardy:

You sent me your letter dated June 22, 2007, which included the form for Disruption or Dismantlement of an organization FD-515 and the supplement page. Thank you for these blank forms.

However, I requested the completed forms for political organizations including the Asheville Patriots, Carolina Patriots and Patriot Network.

You sent me the list of exemption for the FOIA-Privacy Act. These include exemptions for law enforcement purposes. By law enforcement, we mean lawful, legitimate criminal investigation.

Please send me the FBI authorization to dismantle political groups or even investigated them. The Privacy Act and numerous other laws specifically prohibit the federal law enforcement agencies from harassing and investigating political organizations.

The Privacy Act 5USC 552a in sub-paragraph (e)(1)provides that your agency can maintain, collect, use and distribute “only such information about an individual as is relevant and necessary to accomplish a purpose of an agency required to be accomplished by statute”.

What purpose or authority of the FBI assigned by Congress allows the FBI to maintain information about me, Robert Clarkson and above mentioned political organizations? Please furnish to me one action of those political groups which fall into the territory of the FBI. We know that said political groups advocate tax reform and abolishing the IRS. We can understand that the tax service having an interest in these Patriot Groups, but why the FBI?

If the FBI has no authority to investigate theses political groups, then it has no authority to spy on, harass, or disrupt these anti-tax clubs. If you do not send me a purpose of the FBI involved with these clubs, then I assume none exist.

If you do not send me FBI authorization within 15 days, I will send in a formal FOIA appeal in order exhaust my administrative remedies before I file suit.

What FBI official has the authority to classify political groups as needing disruption? What are the criteria for political group to need such action against it? Please send me a copy of the rules and regulations pertaining to this campaign against political action clubs.


Ms. Lady Patriot