Robert B. Clarkson
515 Concord Avenue
Anderson, SC 29621

September 29, 2007

Andrew R. Romagnuola, Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
151 Patton Avenue, Suite 211
Asheville, NC 28801

Re: FBI vs. Robert Clarkson, Docket # 8:07-cr-0536; Security Breech

Dear Agent Andy:

I apologize for breeching your security at your office on September 4, but I was only carrying out your instructions.

Your people told me many times that loading dock area was under construction. I was told many times to have my crew wear hard hats. I passed this on to my volunteer loaders. They showed up wearing hard hats and construction clothes.

We arrived at the loading dock at 1:00 pm as instructed. Wearing hard hats, construction clothes and carrying tools, we breezed through your security. We were ordered to go into a particular elevator.

As we penetrated your last security barrier, I realized we were on the freight elevator and the other passengers were real constructions workers.

We tried to carry out your instructions the best that we could. We know security is important for you, but we were only carrying out your orders.


Robert B. Clarkson