Robert Clarkson
515 Concord Ave
Anderson, SC 29621

May 31, 2007

The Honorable Jim DeMint
The Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Senator DeMint:

The FBI has a new COINTELPRO type program of dismantling political groups. The top officials of the FBI hold a meeting in Washington, DC and pick out certain political programs and information that the decided the American people should not see or hear. Then the highly-paid law enforcement officers harass and intimidate these political groups.

Right now, the FBI is directing its campaign against political action groups and publications of the libertarian belief and associated with the Libertarian Party. I noticed that you and Governor Sanford have positions, voting records and speeches of a libertarian leaning.

If you have subscribed to magazines and organizations which support the principles of libertarianism, you might check to see if you are on the FBI forbidden list.

In the late 1960ís, the federal law enforcement agencies had a much wider destruction program called COINTELPRO against unpopular political organizations. Like a federal bureaucracy, this program grew and grew until the FBI actually infiltrated and collected documents on the College Republicans.

The IRS listed as a dangerous tax protestor and harassed the US Senator from New Mexico, Joseph Montanya. Once the federallies start their wrongdoing, they do not stop.

Please contact the FBI on my behalf and ask for information. Then send some to me. Please ask them for documents and records pertaining to:

  1. The secret program aimed at identifying and "DISMANTLING" any organization that the FBI perceives disagreeing with the current governmental policies, domestic and/or foreign.
  2. FBI Form FD-515 with accompanying "DISRUPTION OR DISMANTLEMENT OF AN ORGANIZATION" supplemental page.
  3. C. The form FXC-515 or the "Accomplishment Report" listing investigative techniques such as Financial Analysis, Aircraft Surveillance Assistance, Computer related investigations, Consensual monitoring (electronic surveillance), purchasing evidence, forensic laboratory analysis, pen registers on phones, search warrants, 'show money', SWAT teams, phone toll records, and many others.
  4. D. The Supplemental Page which goes into detail on the description of what constitutes an organization, and the definitions.

These documents can not pertain to a lawful investigation. The First Amendment to our Constitution provides that the Americans citizens have the right to pick and chose their own religious and political beliefs without inference from the government.

Please send me information about the laws or regulations that authorize the FBI to spend taxpayerís dollars and limited law enforcement resources on dismantling certain political organizations.

Robert Clarkson