Robert B Clarkson
515 Concord Avenue
Anderson, SC 29621

September 27, 2007

Andrew R. Romagnuola, Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
151 Patton Avenue, Suite 211
Asheville, NC 28801

Re: FBI vs. Robert Clarkson, Docket # 8:07-cr-0536: lost laptop

Dear Agent Andy:

On September 5, in the late afternoon you called me at home and threaten me in unnecessarily harsh language. There was no reason for you to treat me in such a manner.

You stated that by accident your people had given me your laptop, which I presume contains important and sensitive information. It was nice of you to tell me dozens of times that the law requires me to return valuable items given to me by mistake. I repeatedly told you that you that I graduated from law school and that I already knew that failure to return an item of value is considered theft.

You also frequently stated that you would get a search warrant and search my house the next day. I told you that I would consent to you searching my house without a warrant. You had already searched my dwelling once and did not find anything incriminating me in a conspiracy or felony. I also stated that you and your people were welcome to come here and look for the laptop.

Finally, you calmed down and accepted my assurance that I would return your missing computer if I was to locate it. I also suggested that you have the local police come and pick it up rather than you racing down here from Asheville.

An hour later when I called you to tell you I could not return the laptop because it was lost, you became irate and again used threatening language. My family and I assured you we had thoroughly searched the house and all 70 boxes. Your laptop was simply not here. I supervised the unloading of the truck and did not see your property.

To accommodate you, my wife Donna went to the U-Haul location and made an extra thorough search. Your laptop was in a very unusual place and nobody could have found it under normal circumstance. I heard Donna explain to you what had happened and I know for a fact she was being truthful.

The next morning one of your co-workers came to my house to pick up the battery and the cord for the laptop, which Donna could not locate. Donna called me and put him on the line. I told him he could go through my entire house, but I thought I had seen them in a bag. He was welcome into my war zone and allowed to search through my office. He quickly found what he wanted in a ziplock along with my grenade that you returned. He was polite and did not see any need to threaten us.

I know that you are upset that your lap top was under my control for about 30 hours, but I am not your enemy and I am more than willing to corporate with you.

I admitted to you up front that I have seen a lap top and examined it. Your repeated threats that I had signed for the laptop and you knew I had it were unnecessary. My wife has laptops and they all look the same to me. I had presumed the laptop to be hers when I initially saw it.

Finally, as always I have fully corporated with the FBI and plan to continue doing so.


Robert B. Clarkson