Robert B Clarkson
515 Concord Avenue
Anderson, SC 29621

April 19, 2008

James D. Russell US Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Suite 900, Wachovia Building
400 S, Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28285-001

Re: USA vs. 515 Concord Ave (Robert Clarkson), Docket # 8:07-cr-0536

Dear Mr. Russell:

You sent me your letter dated February 26, 2008 where you stated that Agent Andy would return to me some of my property but not my liberty dollar coinage. These coins belong to me and are my property. You in fact have admitted that they are not evidence of any crime.

You classified the silver medallions as contraband. Pieces of metal can not be contraband. Thousands of different businesses and local governments publish and distribute very similar silver rounds. These silver slugs do not resemble US silver rounds and can not be mistaken for them.

I met with Agent Andy in Asheville on April 8, and he acknowledged he had some in of my Liberty Dollars but would not return them to me on the same grounds as you stated. I request that you return to me these medallions immediately.

In her motion dated February 11, ASUA Rose stated on the last page that my silver coinage and my coin collection would be returned to me. Based on her assurance, Judge Thornburg on February 27, denied my Rule 41 Motion.

Judge Thornburg clearly based his Order on the promise of Ms. Rose that all of my silver coins would be returned to me. Apparently you and Agent Andy are in violation of the court order. However, you and Ms. Rose can quickly move the court to modify its order.

In said Motion Ms. Rose clearly stated that the investigation in this case was for mail fraud. As well known, the third Patriot group was fighting the banks and using bank instruments. Nobody anywhere has linked me to that activity. I have said all long I did not know what my friends were doing.

Agent Andy in May of last year stated that the investigation against me did not deal with the banking instruments activity but my fight against the IRS. I told him then that the FBI has no jurisdiction on tax cases.

Now the FBI in Asheville agreed that only the IRS has authority to investigate me for tax crimes and that investigation has been turned over to the tax boys. Therefore the FBI is not investigating me for anything. Therefore, they should return to me all of my properties.

The FBI is clearly the most prestigious law enforcement agency on the planet earth but has not experience in political cases. The Patriots are politely motivated and do not back down from confrontation with government agencies. In some cases they learn court room procedures and put up a great fight. The IRS has many years of dealing with the Patriot community and can advise you on what to expect.

I was surprised to see the FBI mud wrestling with political groups. If the FBI does not like my political beliefs and practices then somebody can run for political office. Agent Andy would make a good political candidate in western North Carolina as he is well spoken and make a good appearance. I and many others would always vote for a G man.

I hope that you can meet with Ms. Rose and other people involved and agree to return to me everything take you took without further litigation.


Robert B. Clarkson